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Resource and Allocation Committee

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Hartnell College - 411 Central Avenue, CAB-112, Salinas, CA 93901
April 10, 2013 at 3:00PM

Willard Lewallan, Superintendent/President
Ann Wright, HCFA


Tony Anderson, Academic Senate
Dale W. Fuge, L-39
Stephen Otero, CSEA
Ismael Ramirez, Maint
Wayne Ross, ASHC
Joanne Trevino, Classified Senate

Matt Coombs, IT
Jackie Cruz, Foundation
Dolores Javier, CBO
Kelly Locke, Title V
Stephanie Low, Academic Affairs
Joseph Reyes, Maint
Dan Teresa, PE
Terri Pyer, HR

Laura Warren

4:55 p.m.

Agenda #1

Topic:Approval of Agenda
Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Changes to agenda are as follows:

Unfinished Business-

#1 Presentation of area program review and assessment/financial requests for FY 2013-14 budget year - was moved to follow New Business.

#2 Computers for Faculty & Administrators was tabled until the next RAC meeting.

New Business-

#1 IT Proposals & Quotes will follow New Reports - Capital Outlay Fund Report.
Action(s) required:n/a

Agenda #2

Topic:New Reports - Capital Outlay Fund Report
Presenter:Dolores Javier (DJ) for Al Muñoz
Summary of Agenda Item:DJ Javier provided a Schedule of Capital Outlay Fund Report handout and responded to questions. DJ reminded everyone that the handout relates to one fund only and should anyone be interested in examining the reports of the remaining funds, those can be found in the Board packets. Discussion ensued.
Action(s) required:none

Agenda #3

Topic:New Business - IT Proposals and Quotes
Presenter:Matt Coombs
Summary of Agenda Item:Matt began by speaking about the college's lack of a disaster recovery plan and explained the urgency related to implementing such a plan. He explained methods that can be used to back up the server and the pros and cons of those methods. Tony Anderson asked if additional personnel would be required to maintain this plan; Matt responded that no new people would be needed. The only need is the equipment which has never existed at the college. Matt responded to questions and discussion ensued. Tony then asked if the college has the money to spend on this expenditure. Matt explained that the funds would come from Fund 41. Joseph Reyes stated the expenditure had already been Board approved. Matt added that the Board has approved a $150,000 allocation but in total, the amount required is approximately $220,000. Further discussion followed.

Action(s) required:Tony motioned that RAC approve to fully fund the $220,000 IT is seeking for the disaster recovery plan / backup of college systems. Dale Fuge seconded. Ann asked for a vote; all voting members were in favor with no oppositions or abstentions.

Agenda #4

Topic:New Business - Program Review and Assessment/Financial Requests
Presenter:Dolores Javier
Summary of Agenda Item:DJ began by reviewing the new form being used this year. She stated it is the first attempt to comply with program planning, review, and accreditation recommendations. The new form integrates the college's assessment process into the budgeting process. She added that the Business Office has introduced an evolving tool to better serve the college's needs.

Tony asked if RAC was to approve a general budget to which Ann responded nothing was being approved; the presentations being made are for purposes of review.

Zahi Atallah informed those present that the numbers in Advanced Technology may appear awkward because many programs were originally funded through donations and the college will now have to begin covering those expenses. The amounts will be reflected in the budget requests.

Tony asked to begin with the Academic Senate's budget. Wayne Ross interjected the question of who is going to be determining the amounts. He asked if it was RAC, the Board, or another group. Ann pointed out that RAC is going to make recommendations. FIS will then provide information as to the availability of funds in a report to RAC.

Tony stated that after six years of not having any money available, the request is for $23,000 for travel which will allow for training. Jackie Cruz asked if there is a way to bring training to the Senate rather than sending the Senate away for training. Discussion followed. Wayne agreed that the college consider hosting trainings. Ann then moved the discussion back to the Academic Senate's request for $23,000 for travel and asked if there were further questions related to Academic Senate. There were none.

Mary Dominguez then brought forward a consolidation of the seven areas she is responsible for, the first of which being the Student Activities Office. She explained the department is currently going through program review and one area in which a need exists is in the hiring of a full time Student Life Coordinator. This position will not be a CSEA position; it will be a management position so that the person can make decisions which would help streamline the student government. A CSEA position would remain but it would be a secretarial position. Currently there is an agreement with the ASHC to provide one-half of the funding of the student life coordinator position. It is believed that the district should provide 100% of this expense. The Strategic Priority for this area is student access. #2 - Career Center: Currently nonexistent. There are no additional funding requests in this area. A full time counselor position has already been accounted for and clerical support is there. A permanent work location is required. #3 - DSPS: Funded through Fund 12; the district is having to allocate funds to support. One area of need is a full time interpreter position. The person would also become the district's interpreter if needed for Board meetings, special events, etc. Mary pointed out this does not mean that professional interpreters won't be used. This full time interpreter would coordinate those. This is the new funding that DSPS is requesting. #4 - Veterans Services: Will need to reallocate funds into the correct TOPS code; no request for additional or new money. Program review is in process with completion expected soon. #5 - Financial Aid: Program review being completed. Mary spoke about student loans and default management. The request is for approximately $9,000 in new funding from the general fund for a person to service student loans. #6 - Admissions & Records: Mary pointed out this particular request came from Dr. Lewallen. In the past, employees who worked overtime were paid via comp time; there was no overtime budget in A&R. This new funding would allow employees to choose comp time or overtime pay. #7 - Graduation: As new faculty is hired, the college is required to purchase faculty gowns for them. Since the college has hired nine new faculty, the money to purchase their gowns needs to be budgeted. A gown is provided their first year; if pieces are lost, their respective departments are charged. Ann thanked Mary for her reports.

DJ stated that Administrative Services is requesting, based on review and assessment, funding for a full time person to support the grants and general activities areas to accomplish service level outcomes. In the Maintenance area, Joseph Reyes is requesting one full time clerical position. Joseph added that currently there are three position that were vacated but remain unfilled. More support staff is needed; he estimates that the department should have approximately 18 positions. The clerical assistant would assist the purchasing department and provide assistance to the administrative assistant in the maintenance building. Related to capital equipment, a replacement utility cart is needed which costs approximately $20,000. Ann asked if the vacant positions are budgeted; Joseph responded they are. DJ added a that report will be available in the near future.

Jackie Cruz stated that Dr. Lewallen is willing to not fill the currently unfilled executive assistant position in his office and has offered to transfer money from that location to the advancement office in order to fund a director of communications position. Jackie added that when the director position is added, that person will have basic support needs and requested an augmentation of an additional $10,000 to meet those expenses.

Stephanie Low stated she is not entirely finished with the requests for her responsible disciplines however, related to positions & salaries there is one non-instructional, academic salary request for $5,000 per year for the Peace Officers Standards and Training certification stipend. Music is requesting stipends for part time faculty to participate in regular meetings ($400). There is one classified salary request for a position in the dean's office to assist with the accreditation process. There is a request for tutors in Spanish; this year tutors are being paid out of Title 5 funds. Agriculture and Diesel Mechanics are requesting 1.5 instructional aides in the laboratories. Total for salaries is about $130,000. Accreditation isn't requesting anything that is not in the regular budget. Full-time faculty positions have not been included; they would be accounted for elsewhere. Capital Outlay Equipment: Request for $400,000 in new dollars from a variety of sources. At this time, Stephanie stated that the list is one that FIS needs to review in order to determine if these funds are already budgeted in IT. Stephanie further stated there are many faculty requests for new computers. Contracts & Leases: There are a couple of requests in this area - $8,000 for maintenance of instruments and other equipment. Ag/Diesel requests for $4,000 for dues and memberships to organizations they are required to belong to. Instructional supplies: A request for $74,000 in new money from several disciplines; only two are supported by program review out of 2010-11 year and a lot of these are from Advanced Technology. Stephanie added this is what Zahi referred to earlier that were purchased with grant funds. She added that all are definitely instructional supplies which makes them eligible for grant funds so it might not have to come out of the general fund. Art: Request for $4,000 for marketing materials. Travel and Conference: Nearly every discipline is requesting money to support faculty attendance at conferences, academic sessions, and institutes. The Office of Academic Affairs is requesting an increase of almost $5,000; the budget didn't cover all expenses. The total for travel/conference is less than $50,000 in addition to what has been budgeted. Nursing/Allied Health has not been completed but she expects about $1,000,000 in that area. South County is asking for transfer to give them their own budget. Finally, Stephanie is currently working with Zahi for needs at the Alisal Campus. Discussion followed.

Matt Coombs commented that he had one budget item to go over with the committee. Personnel within IT need to be cross-trained; requesting an increase of $95,000. ECollege was $210,000/year in costs and has been replaced with ETudes. With the number of people using it, the college has jumped into what is considered the enterprise section which costs $130,000. The first year's bill was only $45,000. Nearly $12,000 is required training in refacing colleague with a new user interface. Another item is $700 in IT equipment which is for keyboards and mice that are going out around campus. DJ suggested that there be coordination of department budgets related to Maintenance and IT. Joanne Trevino asked where the funds for the IT requests would be coming from. Matt stated all would come out of fund 41. A new request is for an approximately 30 hours per week, 12 month part time person. This position will be vetted by the executive cabinet. The only other library enhancements are small: $1,200 to pay for a new periodical that staff would like access to and $1,200 to organize library items. Potentially deploying two new systems within the library out of fund 41 which will hit the budget after the first year of maintenance. One is the library system itself and costs about $12,000 to $16,000 depending on the year. The other item is related to replacing the current checkpoint system. The requested amount is $16,000 which would fund a professional expert to replace the RFIDs in each book in the library which, Matt added, is less costly than library staff doing it.

Action(s) required:None

Agenda #5

Presenter:Ann Wright
Summary of Agenda Item:Ann thanked everyone for their reports and requested that electronic copies be made available for follow up. Additionally, Ann stated that if anyone has questions they should attend the FIS meeting on 4/18/2013.
Action(s) required:none