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Student Clubs - Spring 2014

Club Purpose Contact
A.C.E. Club

Promote Higher education for prospective and current college students.

Contact Advisor Hermelinda Rocha- Tabera 831-755-6750
Ag Ambassadors Help Hartnell Ag students succeed through scholarships and academic support from the club, as well as helping out in the community and building storng relathionsips with agriculture and community leaders in our area. Contact Advisor Al Graham, 831-755-6088, sgraham@hartnell.edu
ALAS(Association of Leaders with the Ambition to Succeed) ALAS Club is a Hartnell club with the intention to help students to access the services that this scholar instituion offers. To identify the programas that are at Hartnell College and how to benefit in order to succeed in the Harntell community and achieve career goals. Contact Advisor Julia Mena, 831-770-7073, jmena@hartnell.edu
Campus Awakening Empower each other to bring the leader that is inside of us. Give support in their dreams and goals in Hartnell as well as in life.

Contact Advisor Theresa Carbajal 831-759-6081 or tcarbaja@hartnell.edu

Dance Spread dance into the Hartnell College community. Contact Advisor Susanne Burns 831-755-6792 or sburns@hartnell.edu.
EOPS Club Provide support services to first generation, low income, underrepresented college students.

Contact Advisor Millicent Madrigal 831-755-6860

Life Skills Reach out to students to succeed in helping them reach their goals and in return reach our own. Contact Club President: Trinidad Maturino trinidadjmaturino@student.hartnell.edu
Hartnell Pride Bring LGBTQA awareness and tolerance to the campus. Contact Advisor Jason Hough 831-755-6994 or jhough@hartnell.edu.
M.A.T.H. Club Increase overall student success withn the local community and create a Math culture in the Salinas region. Contact Advisor Silvia Millan-Vossler, 831-755-6922, smillan@hartnell.edu.
Performing Arts Club Promote the performing arts on campus and community. Contact Advisor Susanne Burns, 831-755-6929 or sburns@hartnell.edu
Physics Club/ Society of Physics Students Helps enhance the physics/ science knowledge of our students and the community. Contact Advisor Pat McNeill, 831-770-7033, pmcneill@hartnell.edu
Political Science Provide members, the campus and the community opportunities to gain an eclectic understanding of political science to stimulate community participation on the political process and to provide access to beneficial information while fostering a professioanl and respectful level of communication. Contact Advisor Larry Adams, 831-755-6778 or ladams@hartnell.edu
Psychology Club Enable self-discovery and understanding of others through the promotion of psychology. Contact Advisor Yoshiko Matsushita-Arao, 755-6781

Society of Hartnell Professional Engineering Students. Empower students majoring in the STEM fields through resume advancement and distribution, providing networking expericne, as well as helping the community through outreach and community service.

Contact Advisor Melissa Hornstein, mhornstein@hartnell.edu
S.I.M.A. Students Interested in Medicine Association: Provides assistance and networking opportunities for individuals interested in medicine and related careers. Contact Advisor Alex Edens, 770-7055, for more info
Hartnell Speech Team Promote the art of public speaking through competitive forensics. Contact Advisor Jason Hough 831-755-6994 or jhough@hartnell.edu.
Student Nurses Association Promote involvement in the educational development of allied health care profession. Contact Advisor Dr. Janeen Whitmore, jwhitmore@hartnell.edu
TRiO To suport low income, and /or first generation students who have potential to meet the challenges of higher education by strengthening and developing their academic, social and community service skills. Contact Advisor Manuel Bersamin, mbersami@hartnell.edu
Transfer Through Team work (TTT) Increase the number of Hartnell students that transfer to a UC or CSU. Contact Advisor Mercedes Quintero, Mquinter@hartnell.edu
UDOC- Hartnell Christian Fellowship Know god and make Him known. Contact Club President: Brandon Wedel, brandonwedelliving4christ@gmail.com
Veterans Club Provide Support for the veterans of the armed forces community pursuing higher education at Hartnell College; Veterans serving veterans. Contact Advisor Gemma Uribe, guribe@hartnell.edu
W.E.L.I Club Promote the WELI program at Hartnell College, providing opportunities for students to take advantage of scholarship, leadership training, and mentoring. Contact Advisor Karen Hagman, 831-755-6810 or khagman@hartnell.edu
Page Updated on April 15, 2014. Please contact the Office of Student Life (831-755-6734) for more information on how to start a Club or Student Organization on Campus.