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Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Aid

How do I qualify for financial aid?
Some of the basic requirements are:
  • 1. You must have financial need
  • 2. You must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • 3. You must not be in default of any student loans

What is the difference between loans, grants, and scholarships?
Loans - are borrowed money with low interest and have to be repaid. There are different types of loans, some require that you start making payments immediately; some can be paid back after you graduate or quit attending school.

Grants - need not be repaid. There are federal grants, state grants, and campus-based aid. Grants can be renewed every year.Scholarships:

Funds - are provided by the college, alumni, and private donors. Qualifications are determined by the donors. The most common are: academic performance, financial need, and community activities. The amount of the award also varies, and most scholarships are a one-time award.