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Individualized Assistance

A Counselor is available in the Transfer Center to help students develop a plan to transfer to a university.

Mediation and Advocacy

The Transfer Center Counselor provides mediation and advocacy for students when conflicts arise.

University Representative

Representatives from California State University campuses, University of California campuses, and private universities are available to review student transfer plans as well as to give information about majors and general university requirements for the specific university.

There is a section in the Transfer Center dedicated to catalogs for all UC campuses, CSU campuses, California Community Colleges, some historically Black colleges and universities, and some out of state colleges.

Internet information
Assist.org offers information on major preparation, and general education for public California colleges. Eureka is a computerized information system for careers and programs of study in California. This database is available to students in the Career Center as well. Numerous websites are available to assist in selecting a university, as well as to learn about specific universities.

Reference books on Higher Education
Useful college guides are available in choosing the right school. In addition there are many books with helpful information on Financial Aid and Scholarships.

University Applications
College applications are available for any student interested in beginning the transfer process. Applications for the UC and CSU colleges are available both in paper and on-line. Be sure to note the different deadlines when applying via paper or on-line.

Transfer Activities
Campus tours
Tours are organized every semester to selected four-year colleges and universities. In addition to visiting the campus, a brief presentation regarding admission and financial aid is included. This activity is an all day event and is free to currently enrolled students. Advance sign-up is required to reserve a space.

Transfer Day /College Night
Each fall semester, the Transfer Center invites university and college representatives to Transfer Day and College Night. These events are arranged to provide the opportunity for Hartnell students and high school students to meet with representatives from colleges and universities.

CSU/UC Application
A variety of workshops are offered only in the fall to help students through the application process. Topics covered are personal statements for applications, and essays targeted for obtaining scholarships.

Cross Enrollment
Students have the opportunity to take one course per semester at CSU/UC campus for $10.00 as long as they have a 2.0 GPA and are enrolled in 6 units at Hartnell College and have competed at least one regular term.

Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA'S)
Hartnell College currently has Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA), which may guarantee admission to UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, CSU Monterey Bay, and the following private universities: Chapman (Brandman), Santa Clara, National American, Suffolk, and Bethany. To write a TAA a student must have completed 30 transferable units and have a 2.0 GPA for CSU, Chapman (Brandman) and a 2.9 GPA for UC (some majors may require a higher GPA). Santa Clara University requires a GPA of 3.3 in transferable courses for Arts, Science and Engineering. The school of business requires a 3.5 GPA. Some of the private universities do not require the completion of 30 transferable units. Personal, individualized counseling and transfer admission agreements are offered through the Transfer Center and through various counseling services on campus.