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Researching the Role of Biology

BACTERIA!?! No need to fear...scientists in training are here!
SUMS students learn to work in teams to approach questions like: Are antimicrobial agents as effective as they seem?
manny yesi

jose maria

vannessa evelyn

Why so meticulous? These girls knew that in order to obtain the best data, they needed to be precise.

victor and david

These students are skillfully swabing bacteria on the petri dishes to
observe how many colonies will appear within one or two days.

lisa and students

So, what gets the job done? Hand soap, sanitizer, or handwipes? The SUMS students collaborated to find an answer that was...well... quite surprising!

kevin chris

WATCH OUT! Students were careful as to how they handled bacteria, but some students chose to be extra cautious! ☺

Jessica and Maria

OH MY...OH MY!!! Students cannot believe their eyes!

Angel and  Evelyn

Students collected samples from different locations on-campus. Some chose to test everyday items such as their cell phones, and were surprised to see how much bacteria they were hosting!