Math Academy Summer 2018

Registration for the Summer Math Academy at Hartnell College will open March 1st! and remain open until all the classes are filled.


The Summer 2018 Math Academy

will be held after the summer class session.

Monday, July 30 to Thursday, August 9th from 9:00 am to 2:25 pm

with a break for lunch 


Two students practicing math.

Pre-Algebra        Elementary Algebra       

Intermediate Algebra   Statistics

Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus       Calculus

Improve your math ability in a friendly, no-stress environment where you will learn to

  • Study efficiently
  • Prepare effectively for math tests
  • Acquire skills and confidence that will help you succeed at Hartnell College
  • Math Academy may help you finish your math requirements sooner!

The Math Academy is offered every summer and winter, but is only available for students who will be taking a Hartnell College math class.

Selected students will be sent a time sensitive invitation by email a few weeks before each Academy, after the registration period has ended.  

Why Math Academy?

Is there a good reason to give up two weeks of vacation or work to study math?

How about:

  • Faculty lead, high energy, active & collaborative learning two-week boot camp to acquire study skills and confidence to foster preparation and success in math, and help accelerate or finish math requirements sooner! (9am-2:25pm with a lunch break + optional 2 hours lab)
  • Around 50% of the Math Academy students re-assess into a higher level of math, and ALL Math Academy students are more likely to succeed than if they had not attended the Math Academy.
  • Lifeline Counseling and Tutorial support: Math tutors & SI Leaders continue to support their Academy students during the following semester.
  • Free: Math Academy registration (online), access to Lending Library textbooks & some book vouchers 

Got Questions?

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