Math Academy Winter 2017


The Winter 2017 Math Academy

will be held during the first two weeks of January 2018.

(Dates: Tuesday, Jan 2 to Wednesday, Jan 10 from 9am to 1pm)


Two students practicing math.

Pre-Algebra        Elementary Algebra       

Intermediate Algebra   Statistics

Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus       Calculus

Improve your math ability in a friendly, no-stress environment where you will learn to

  • Study efficiently
  • Prepare effectively for math tests
  • Acquire skills and confidence that will help you succeed at Hartnell College
  • Math Academy may help you finish your math requirements sooner!

The Math Academy is offered every summer and winter, but is only available for students who will be taking a Hartnell College math class.

Selected students will be sent a time sensitive invitation by email a few weeks before each Academy, after the registration period has ended.  

Why Math Academy?

Is there a good reason to give up two weeks of vacation or work to study math?

How about:

  • Faculty lead, high energy, active & collaborative learning two-week boot camp to acquire study skills and confidence to foster preparation and success in math, and help accelerate or finish math requirements sooner! (9am-1pm + optional 2 hours lab)
  • Around 50% of the Math Academy students re-assess into a higher level of math, and ALL Math Academy students are more likely to succeed than if they had not attended the Math Academy.
  • Lifeline Counseling and Tutorial support: Participating math tutors & SI Leaders continue to support their Academy students during the following semester.
  • Free: Math Academy registration (online), access to Lending Library textbooks & some book vouchers 

Got Questions?

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