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Academic Senate:Agendas, Minutes, Documents
Academic Senate Bylaws


April 8, 1997


Duties of Officers

1. Preside at all meetings of the Senate.
2. Represent the faculty at official college functions in person or by appointed representative.
3. Represent the faculty at all meetings including:

  • Governing Board Meetings
  • District Tenure Review Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Equivalency Committee
  • College Council
  • President’s Cabinet
4. Nominate all faculty appointments to Hartnell College committees (with consultation of Steering Committee)
  • Governance Committees
  • Equivalency Committees
  • Tenure Review Peer Evaluators
  • Task Forces

5. Be an ex-officio member of all Senate committees.
6. Direct the overall operation of the Senate and Senate office, and authorize the expenditure of Senate funds.
7. Represent the Senate as the official voting delegate, in person or by proxy, at all meetings of the State Academic Senate.
8. Meet on a regular basis with the President and Vice President(s) of the college to discuss matters of mutual concern with the Senate.
9. Carry out all directives of the Senate and serve as the Chairperson of the Steering Committee.
10. Coordinate travel arrangements for faculty to attend State Academic Senate Fall and Spring sessions and summer leadership conference.
11. Monitor minutes of other governance committees and articulate Senate concerns/positions where appropriate.
12. Organize Senate and Steering Committee meetings by:

  • Preparing agendas
  • Review minutes of previous meetings and coordinate the typing and dissemination of this information to Senators.
  • Compile any background information needed for clarification of agenda items.
  • Contact any resource speakers who need to attend Senate meetings for informational purposes.

13. Read and keep abreast of, and be conversant about the myriad of information of concern to the Senate including:

  • AB1725 and Title 5 legislation and updates
  • Other current legislation
  • Statewide Senate documents and mailings
  • Material from the California State Chancellor’s Office.
  • State standards, matriculation, etc.
14. Review documents, grant proposals, sent from the college to various state agencies which require the Senate President’s signature.
15. Interact with Associated Students o Hartnell College, as appropriate.
16. Aid in writing position statements of the Senate and draft letters to the Superintendent/President and other college officials.
17. Act as an information conduit to Hartnell College faculty concerning:
  • Hiring policies
  • Tenure review policy
  • Equivalencies to minimum qualifications
  • Sabbatical leave policy
  • Governing Board policies

    1st Vice President
    1. Act in the place of the President in the absence of that officer.
    2. Succeed and fulfill the office of President for the remainder of the unexpired term in the vent that office becomes vacant.
    3. Act as parliamentarian at all meetings of the Senate.
    4. Perform such functions and duties as directed by the President or Steering Committee.
    5. Sit as a member of and regularly attend meetings of: Academic Senate and Senate Steering Committee.
    6. Attend the State Senate summer leadership conference and the Fall and Spring sessions.
    7. Cosely work with the President to learn the workings of that office.
    8. Serve as a member of the Steering Committee.

    2nd Vice President
    1. Act in the place of the President when the 1st Vice President is not available.
    2. Succeed and fulfill the office of the 1st Vice President for the remainder of the unexpired term in the event that office becomes vacant.
    3. Perform such functions and duties as directed by the President or Steering Committee.
    4. Sit as a member of and regularly attend meetings of: Academic Senate, Senate Steering Committee, and Shared Governance Committee.
    5. Aid in drafting position papers or letters.
    6. Attend State Senate Fall and Spring sessions.
    7. Serve as a member of the Steering Committee.

    1. Prepare a tentative budget and present it to the Senate for adoption.
    2. Provide the necessary forms and help process expenditure transactions.
    3. Balance the budget of the Senate and bank account(s).
    4. Periodically review expenditures of the Senate.
    5. Maintain all past financial reports and information.
    6. Purchase gifts as designated by the Senate or Steering Committee.
    7. Serve as a member of the Steering Committee.
    8. Assist the President with the preparation of Senate meeting minutes, the correction of the minutes and dissemination as necessary.

    Immediate Past President
    1. Serve as a member of the Senate with full privileges, rights and responsibilities.
    2. Serve as a member of the Steering Committee for only the year immediately following his/her presidency.
    3. Provide the Senate with a historical perspective when such information is appropriate and/or solicited.


    Duties of Senators

    1. Attend all Senate meetings.
    2. Represent and inform their constituents faithfully.
    3. Perform liaison functions with governance committees.
    4. Serve on at least one Senate standing committee.
    5. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senate President.


    Duties of Senate Steering Committee

    1. Give direction to the Senate.
    2. Set the agenda for Senate meetings.
    3. Recommend to the Senate faculty appointments for Governance and other committees.
    4. Define the main objectives of the Senate each year.
    5. Form ad hoc committees with the approval of the Senate.
    6. Monitor Senate appointed faculty serving on committees.
    7. Run Senate elections.
    8. Communicate with the Senate.
    9. Schedule and attend meetings with college administrators as required.
    10. Disburse Senate Special Activity funds, with a limit of $50, with a report to the Senate at the next meeting.
    11. Act as advisor to the Senate President.


    Selection Committee Appointments

    4.1. Faculty appointments to all selection committees must be approved by the Senate by a simple majority vote.
    4.2. Nominations for faculty or administrative selection committee positions shall be solicited from the discipline or divisionfaculty in which there is a facancy.
    4.2.1. Discipline or division faculty shall vote on the nominations and forward their recommendations to the Senate President.
    4.2.2. Additional nominations may be made from the floor prior to the vote of the Senate.
    4.3. Nothing in this process can conflict with the Hartnell College Hiring Policy.


    Amendment to the Bylaws

    5.1. The Bylaws can be amended by a simple majority affirmative vote of the Senate, providing written notice of any proposed amendment was filed with the Senate President at least two weeks preceding the vote. Copies of the proposed changes must be given to Senators at least two weeks prior to the vote.