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Academic Senate:Agendas, Minutes, Documents

Academic Senate Documents


Draft Full Time Faculty Hiring Process

Academic Senate Response to the Self Study in Support of Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Cover letter (PDF format)
Final Report (PDF format)

Processes Established Through Mutual Agreement

Discontinuance Process (PDF format)
Hartnell College Minimum Qualifications Equivalency Process

Committee Handbook

Hartnell College Committee Handbook

Distance Learning

Hartnell College Distance Education Policies and Best Practices (approved by Academic Senate, 9/26/06)

Enrollment Management

The Role of Academic Senates in Enrollment Management
Dr. Pando's table of comparative spring enrollments 2005-2007


Statement of Professional Ethics
Hartnell College Professional Code of Ethics

Information Competency

"What Are the Information Competencies? A Proposal for Hartnell College" (adopted 4/29/03)

Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency

Minimum Qualifications Memo and Handbook
Equivalence to the Minimum Qualifications
Hartnell College Minimum Qualifications Equivalency Process (PDF format)

Shared Governance

Empowering Local Senates: Roles, Responsibilities, and Strategies for an Effective Senate
Handbook Appendices
Shared Governance Committees Review Proposal (adopted 3/13/07)
Shared Governance Committee Review Task Force Findings
Proposed New Shared Governance Paradigm

Student Learning Outcomes

General Education/Institutional Outcomes

Tenure Review Process

Spring 2009 Draft Tenure Review Process