Resolution 3.07


Subject:  Fund Raising Events in Campus Facilities

Date:  November 28, 2006


Mover:  Liz Estrella

Division/Department:  Counseling


Seconder: Peggy Mayfield

Division/Department: Library


Passed:  Unanimously


Whereas, On September 12, 2006 there was a meeting and luncheon of the Rotary Club of Salinas held in the new Hartnell College Library & Learning Resource Center during regular operating hours; and,


Whereas, the Library is a place for study and learning for students, and loud noises and food are not allowed; and,


Whereas, the Rotary Club meeting included the use of a sound system on a floor designated for quiet study and research; and,


Whereas, the consumption of food in the Library was in disregard of the posted signs and policies; and,


Whereas, access to Reference Services and the book stacks was significantly limited; and,


Whereas, use of the second floor chairs by the Rotary Club diners reduced students’ ability to use computers, tables, and study carrels; and,


Whereas, the Library includes a Community Room (Room 105) and a large Distance Learning Lab with moveable tables (Room 113); and,


Whereas, this event disrupted the study of many students and set a poor example of expected library behavior; and,


Therefore, let it be resolved, that the Academic Senate for Hartnell College reaffirms that student learning and study are among the college’s highest priorities, and the rooms and spaces, designated for learning and study be protected and preserved for students’ usage; and,


Let it be resolved, that the Academic Senate for Hartnell College recommends that future meetings or fundraising events will be held in suitable campus rooms and spaces, and only at times so as not to disrupt students’ regular study.