Resolution 4.07


Subject:           Support for CSUMB Faculty

Date:               February 27, 2007


Mover:             Jennifer Fellguth

Division/Department:  Academic Senate President





Passed:  _____________


WHEREAS the CSU, as the nation's largest public university system, aspires to set high standards for protecting access to a quality education for all students; and,

WHEREAS faculty working conditions are student learning conditions; and,

WHEREAS the CSU has failed to advocate for the reinstatement of one-half billion dollars cut from the General Fund in 2002; and,


WHEREAS, since 1997, raises for campus presidents have totaled 49% while in  the same period General Salary Increases (GSI) for faculty have totaled 17%; and,

WHEREAS since 2003, the Consumer Price Index has increased by 9.5% but there has been only one GSI, for 3.5%; and,
WHEREAS California Faculty Association (CFA) has bargained in good faith with the California State University (CSU) administration for 20 months; and,
WHEREAS CFA and the CSU have reached the final statutory stage of bargaining known as fact-finding; and,
WHEREAS on December 15, 2006, the previous statutory step, mediation, ended without progress having been made on the critical issue of faculty compensation; and,
WHEREAS, the administration bargaining team attempted in mediation to back out of tentative agreements that already had been reached; and,
WHEREAS CFA must prepare for the likely outcome that one side or the other will not support the fact finding report at which point the Chancellor may take the extreme step of imposing terms and conditions of employment consistent with their “last best offer;”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Hartnell College Academic Senate fully supports the California Faculty Association's efforts, including support for such pending actions as campus-wide rolling strikes, toward the goal of negotiating a fair contract for all CSU faculty, including junior faculty, senior faculty, and lecturers, who constitute  more than half of the teaching faculty of the CSU, and nearly 65% of CSUMB faculty.