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Welcome! to Tutorial Services! Click Here to go to our NEW website!

Tutorial Services provide students with qualified student tutors in various academic areas. Tutors support a student's regular instructional program through individual and small-group tutoring.

Tutorial assistance provides support, motivation, and encouragement. These services are FREE to all Hartnell College students.

Getting a Tutor is as easy as counting to three...

To sign up for tutorial services:
1. Complete an Application for Tutorial Assistance that is available at the Tutorial Sign-in Desk or can be download below. The back (or second page) can be completed by viewing the "Tutorial Services Orientation" PowerPoint below.
2. Ask your counselor or instructor to sign the referral on the front of the application.
3. Bring your completed application to Tutorial Services in Room A214 and a tutor will assist you in enrolling in the supervised tutoring course (INS 301).

Once this is completed, you can use any of our services for the entire semester!

We're open:

Mondays 9:00am-5:00pm
Tuesdays 9:00am-5:00pm
Wednesdays 9:00am-5:00pm
Thursdays 9:00am-5:00pm
Fridays 9:00am-2:00pm.

The Tutorial Center is located in A214 (Building A).
Students helping students.
Click here to view the current main campus Drop-in Tutoring and Math Academy Lifeline schedule. Use the Tutorial and SI Schedules link on the left to see all Hartnell's Tutorial and SI Schedules for Main Campus, Alisal Campus, and King City Center.

How are our tutors doing? Are you getting the help you need?

Please give us your feedback by completing our Tutorial Survey.

Interested in becoming a Tutor or an SI Leader?

To become a tutor a Hartnell student must meet the following qualifications: current enrollment at Hartnell College, completion of at least one semester at Hartnell College, a grade point average of at least 2.0 (3.0 preferred), a screening interview with the Tutorial Services Coordinator, and a faculty recommendation. Tutors earn from $10.17 - $13.11 an hour. SI Leaders earn $10.40 - $14.42 an hour. In addition, our center offers employment opportunities for university students interested in part-time, temporary positions.

Application Deadlines:

SI Leaders apply at the end of the prior semester (end of spring for fall, end of fall for spring), the deadline for applications is the first week of each semester. You must be referred by an instructor that wants you as his or her SI Leader.
Math Academy and Math Tutors apply at the end of the semester prior to the Academy when registration opens for the Academy students (end of spring for Summer Academy, end of fall for Winter Academy) The Academy instructors will choose their tutors before the semester concludes.
Tutors (other subjects) apply anytime, most new tutors are interviewed, selected, and hired at the end of the second week of each semester or the end of the first week in the summer.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor or SI Leader complete the Tutor and SI Leader Position Interest Form. For further information, visit the Tutorial Services, located in the A214 (Building A), call 755-6738 or email fhenders@hartnell.edu.

Surveys and Forms PowerPoints

Math Academy Lifeline Tutoring Survey (coming soon!)

Science Academy Lifeline Tutoring Survey (coming soon!)

Faculty - SI Leader or Tutor Performance Survey (coming soon!)

Continuing Tutor/SI/Training Application

Peer Tutor and SI Leader Online Application

Application for Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial Services Orientation for Students

Tutorial Services Classroom Presentation for Tutors

Academic Support Presentation for Faculty

Writing and ESL Workshops

Each semester, selected English and ESL tutors offer our ESL and Writing Workshop series. The workshops focus on basic grammar and punctuation topics such as commas, subject and verb agreement, verb tense, pronoun choice, fixing run-ons, and identifying sentence fragments. Check with your English or ESL instructor, attending our workshops may earn you extra credit.

All the workshops take place in the Tutorial Center, and are 50 minutes in length.

Current ALC Workshop and Conversation Group schedule.

A Writing Workshop
ASL, English and Spanish Conversation Groups
Students interested in practicing their American Sign Language (ASL), English or Spanish are welcome to join one of our conversation groups. Each group meets at least once a week for 50 minutes. Group leaders encourage students to join discussions on a variety of topics. Our conversation groups give students an excellent opportunity to supplement their classroom learning.

Math and Science Academies Lifeline Tutoring
The Hartnell College Math Academy and Science Academy are held each summer and winter during the semester break. Only the very best math, chemistry, and biology tutors are selected to work with the Academies. These same tutor continue to support Academy students during the semester that follows each Academy, their Lifeline semester. Math Academy students often test into higher levels of math and are more likely to suceed than if they had not attended the Academy and taken a lower math course. The Science Academy prepares students, often unfamiliar and unprepared for the sciences, for coursework in chemistry and biology. Academy students can register online and tutors are selected near the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Electronic Resources through Etudes and SONO
Program enrollment gives each student access to our INS 301 Supervised Tutoring page hosted by Etudes. Students will find an ever changing array of resources for Biology, English, ESL, and Math courses.

Hartnell College is a part of a Beta test for an exciting new technology platform which creates an organic personal workspace for Students, Tutors, Professors and Administrators. The platform will not replace anything we currently use - at least for now. It is not a replacement for our website, PAWS or Etudes. What it adds is a tool to gather, store and share information with others or to look at what others have gathered on any subject that would be helpful to your academic work at Hartnell College. As you gain new knowledge, learn new materials and collect research on a topic, a personal collection of your research and thoughts on a topic can be created, while simultaneously building a body of knowledge that grows as others participate. You may end up being the top expert on many different topics or ares of knowledge in the system.

The name of the company is SONO, which stands for "Social Knowledge". When you use SONO three important things become possible: 1. Any internet links that you find helpful can be saved for your own use, while simultaneously being shareable with others. 2. Communities of knowledge (called Knowledge Cells) can be built organically on any topic if they don't exist, or you may connect to existing Knowledge Cells that have been created. 3. A discussion can be started on any topic, or a piece of content for greater understanding of the subject.

The goal of this Beta test is to help develop and enhance a new learning environment and methodology to assist fellow Hartnell students, and eventually other students around the world. Think about it, someday you will be able to say that you helped SONO become famous. We need to fill you in on what we need you to do inside this environment, so if you want to help us test the coolest tool for schools of the future, contact the Tutorial Center for an orientation to this exciting new platform.
Click the inks on the left to access SONO or our Etudes site.

Tutor and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Training
A model** tutor and supplemental instruction (SI) leader training and development program that offers three distinctive levels of training e.g. Introduction to Tutoring, Group Tutoring, and Mastering the SI Model. The course offers learning activities for those working in the Academic Learning Center as well as in other student programs such as ACCESS, MESA, CSIT-in-3, HEP and ACE by introducing a variety of topics through lectures, videos, the internet, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations. Students will be given the opportunity to clarify, discuss, demonstrate, and apply the information and training specific to their discipline in a group setting. Any students who are interested in receiving training can enroll in INS 250 (Tutor Training) or contact the Tutorial Services Coordinator for more information.

Enjoy the samples of our English resources that appear below.

For further information, visit the Tutorial Services Center located in the Library/LRC 214 (Building A), call 755-6738, or email fhenders@hartnell.edu .
An English conversation group enjoying our holiday potluck
PowerPoint Presentations
Annotations Writing Workshop
Appositives Writing Workshop
Commas (Part 1) Writing Workshop
Commas (Part 2) Writing Workshop
Fragments Writing Workshop
Common Spelling Errors Writing Workshop
Coordinators Writing Workshop
Pronouns Writing Workshop
Proofreading Tips Writing Workshop
Run-ons Writing Workshop
Subordinators Writing Workshop
Subject Verb Agreement Writing Workshop
Verbal Phrases Writing Workshop
Verb Tense Identification Writing Workshop
Verb Tense Consistency Writing Workshop

A model** External Evaluation Report, The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Western Association of Schools and Colleges, March 2013