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Student Conduct and Due Process

The Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Grievance Procedures Handbook is currently under revision and should be approved in the 2006-2007 year. Please check with the the Vice President of Student Services Office for the most recent policy/handbook.

Student Rights

In joining the academic community, students enjoy the right of freedom to learn and share responsibility in exercising that freedom. Students, as well as other members of the academic community, are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards of the College which are designed to perpetuate its educational purposes. When a student is charged with misconduct such a charge will be processed in accordance with the Collegeís Student Conduct and Due Process Policy in order to protect the studentís rights and the Collegeís interest. Copies of the Studentsí Rights, Responsibilities, and Grievance Procedures are available from the Vice President of Student Services.

Student rights and responsibilities are posted at various locations throughout the campus.

Privacy Rights of Students

Students are advised that the College maintains a policy pursuant to Federal and State law providing access to students records only upon written request of students or former students. The College does maintain directory information which is defined as:
1. Student participation in officially recognized activities and sports including weight and height and high school of graduation of members of athletic teams.

2. Degrees, awards, and scholarships received by students, including honors and Presidentís or Deanís List recognition.

This directory information can and will be made public unless individual students request in writing to the Vice President of Student Services that their name be removed from the directory information.

Unless authorized by the individual student or required by judicial order, the College will not provide access to student records or acknowledge student enrollment to other persons, including parents. Specific written authorization by the student is needed to release records, including the forwarding of transcripts. Specific exceptions to this statement on accessibility of the records are spelled out in the policy. The detailed policy is not reproduced here, but is available from the Vice President of Student Services.

Students (and former students) are also advised that they have a right to challenge the content of their records if they feel that such records contain inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate information. Contact the Admissions and Records Office.

Student Grievances

Student Grievances include:
1. Charges of discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, national origin or handicap

2. Charges of arbitrary imposition of sanctions without proper regard for individual rights and due process

3. Charges of prejudicial or capricious decisions in the academic evaluation of a studentís performance

4. Other complaints as determined in the legislation policies stated above

The general procedures for a student with a grievance to follow are:
1. Discuss the problem or complaint directly with the staff or faculty member against whom the student has the grievance

2. If unresolved, meet with the appropriate supervisor or dean

3. If further information or pursuit of the grievance is required, as determined by the student or supervisor, the supervisor shall refer the student in order of listing to the Vice President of Student Services.

Note: Records of all complaints that are not resolved at lower levels must be kept on file with the Vice President of Student Services.

Grievances of Hartnell College students concerning Hartnell College personnel and/or procedures shall be handled in compliance with Title IX, AB 803, Section 504 of P.L. 93-112, the California Education Code, and Hartnell College policy. Students shall be granted and assured all rights and procedures inherent in the above. Hartnell College shall make a comprehensive effort to ensure that all students are informed of and, as applicable, assisted with these procedures in a timely manner.