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Credit/No Credit Options

The college offers:

1. Some courses solely on the CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) grade basis.

2. Some courses solely on the standard letter grade basis.

3. Some courses in which the student may choose to complete the course on either a credit/no credit or letter grade basis.

In accordance with the California Education Code and the Administrative Code Title 5, Hartnell College has established a grading policy which adds the "CR" (credit) and "NC" (no credit) grades to the standard letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) used in college and universities. A course in which a "CR" grade is earned indicates completion with "C" or better work, and will apply towards the 60 units required for graduation, but will not affect the students grade point average. However, units attempted for which "NC" is recorded shall be considered in probation and dismissal procedures. A maximum of 12 units of "CR" may be applied towards the Associate in Arts Degree. Courses in which a student has no such option (such as Work Experience) will not apply towards 12 units maximum. Courses in which a "NC" grade is earned will not apply towards graduation and will not effect the students grade point average.

Offering courses for credit/no credit grades provides the student with the opportunity to explore areas outside his/her current interest without undue concern for his/her grade point average. This policy also recognizes that a standard letter grade may not always measure the value of a course to an individual student.

On or before the last day of the fifth week (or 25%) of the instructional term, the student shall inform the Admissions and Records Office, by petition, of his/her intention to complete a course for a grade or credit/no credit basis and the instructor shall report to the Director of Admissions a final grade of "CR" or "NC" for students who so petition. Students may repeat a course in which a grade of "NC" is earned.