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Registration for EOPS, DSPS, TRIO, Veteran, & Foster Youth Students

Term Registration

October 29, 2012 using PAWS online registration or ASAP* Telephone registration (831) 755-6755.

Registration ends on Thursday, January 17, 2013



Complete and submit Application for Admission.
Apply on-line at www.hartnell.edu/admissions/jump.html or download the PDF Application and submit to the Admissions and Records Office by mail, fax or in person. If applicable, complete the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request.

Recommended to also apply for Financial Aid. Apply on-line at www.fasfa.ed.gov or complete the 2012-2013 Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver and submit to the Financial Aid Office.


Assessment and Orientation


Make an appointment AND complete the STAAR* Assessment. Call (831) 759-6054 for an appointment at least two weeks before registering. Assessment is mandatory if enrolling in 6.0 or more units or any English (including ESL) or Math course. If you have already earned a U.S. college degree or completed an assessment at another institution, you may be exempted from the test, please contact a counselor at (831) 755-6820.

There are 2 ways to complete the orientation requirement: Complete the on-line Orientation at www.hartnell.edu/orientation/ or attend an orientation session with one of our academic counselors. Please contact the Counseling Department at (831) 755-6820 to schedule an appointment.

(Students who successfully complete the assessment and orientation may be given an early priority registration date for Fall 2014.)


Develop an Educational Plan with a Counselor


All students should schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss academic goals and develop an Educational Plan. Call (831) 755-6820 to schedule an appointment. The counselor can also assist with checking for prerequisites for all your classes.  Remember to bring copies of transcripts from high school and/or previous colleges attended.Submit official transcripts from high school and/or colleges attended to Admissions & Records at least two weeks before registering.

(In addition to completing the Assessment and Orientation, an educational plan must be complete in order to be given an early priority registration date for Fall 2014.)



Register online using P.A.W.S. or register by using ASAP* Telephone Registration at (831) 755-6755.
Be prepared to take full advantage of your priority registration date, classes fill quickly so register as early as possible.


Pay Fees

Pay all registration fees within 2 weeks of registering to avoid being dropped from your classes. Students can pay their fees by using our online system PAWS for Students or can pay using our automated telephone registration system at (831) 755-6755. Students who wish to pay using Cash may pay their fees at any of our three center/campus locations.


Hartnell College CatCard

Visit the Associated Students of Hartnell College Office to obtain or update your CatCard. Present your receipt of payment to the ASHC Office HCC-102.


Stay on Track

Follow up with your counselor and/or check your eligibility for Special Student Services Programs.
Make a follow-up appointment with a counselor by calling (831) 755-6820 early in the semester to check on your current progress and/or update your educational plan for future semesters.