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Agricultural Business & Technology Institute Certificate and Degree Programs

Fall 2011 Schedule of Class


You are certainly competitive with any other graduate of a two-year program in agriculture. Specific career opportunities and job placement history should be discussed with your Hartnell advisor before starting the program.


Agriculture Business

The Ag Business is more than just fruits and veggies. Think marketing, sales, and public relations.  The Central Coast is a hot spot for companies that supply these kinds of services to the agricultural producers in the region.

An Agriculture Business certificate or AA degree from Hartnell College allows students to gain hands-on experience in sales, product management and marketing of agricultural products and services. Many students complete their lower division requirements and transfer to a four-year university.

Job opportunities:

  • Sales representative for seed, irrigation, chemical, fertilizers, ag equipment and many other supplies and services
  • Produce sales
  • Food marketing positions
  • Labor contractors
  • Many other jobs

Agriculture Production

If travel and meeting new people is your thing, ag production might be right up your alley. Production-type careers often involve working and traveling throughout California. Courses in this major begin with a "core" of the basics to give students a broad understanding of agriculture. Several hands-on, production-based courses follow -- focusing on practical knowledge and applications that are specific to the production practices of the Central Coast.

Job opportunities:

  • Field production supervisor
  • Harvest supervisor
  • Production specialist for a transplant grower or seed company
  • Produce buyer
  • Owner-grower
  • Pest control advisor
  • Product Manager
  • Quality assurance manager

Agriculture Technology

Agricultural and Industrial Technology is an inter-disciplinary program designed to prepare the student for positions of employment requiring a general background in the application of technology or transfer to the state university system.

The introductory program in Industrial Mechanics is intended to allow students to acquire a solid base of skills in a variety of mechanical areas. More advanced skills can be learned in courses leading to the Industrial Technician certificate. Typical careers in the area of Agricultural & Industrial Technology might include: farm shop and equipment dealer mechanic, processing facility maintenance worker or supervisor, parts technician, refrigeration technician, or equipment fabricator.

Job opportunities:

  • Farm Shop and Equipment Dealer Mechanic
  • Processing Facility Maintenance Worker or Supervisor
  • Parts Technician
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Fabrication Shop Worker

Diesel Technology

Career need a tune-up? If you’ve got a hankering to tinker under the hood, Hartnell College’s Diesel Mechanic program is the perfect opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of diesel repair and maintenance. Students complete introductory classes and then move up to more advanced and specialized course work. Internships with local companies are an important part of the program.

Job opportunities: A wealth of career opportunities exists in both agricultural and industrial applications in the Central Coast area for diesel mechanics. Local companies have an acute need for well trained individuals, come find your place in the "hands-on" world of diesel technology.

Food Safety

Food Safety is more critical now than ever before. Students in the food safety program will learn the latest techniques and practices to help keep our food safe through hands-on practice and industry visits. Industry professionals will guide you through this critical program. You will learn about the conditions that cause food borne illness, the elements of a food safety control system, and best practices from field to fork.

Job opportunities:

  • Food Safety Supervisor
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Food Safety Auditor
  • Research Technician
  • Quality Assurance Laboratory Representative

Welding Technology

Does working with your hands spark something within you? The welding program at Hartnell College is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for employment in the welding trade. An AWS Welding Certification is key to snagging a well-paid, professional welding gig. Students may earn an AA degree and/or a certificate in Welding Technology. Job opportunities: Might include working as a fabricator in numerous agriculture and industrial fabrication shops. Much of the specialized food processing, field harvest and transport equipment for the multi-billion dollar agriculture industry is designed and built locally. Become part of this dynamic industry by obtaining skills with a high demand and very good pay levels.