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Board Policies

2000 Organizational Chart

The Superintendent/President shall maintain the official Organizational Chart which delineates the lines of responsibility within the College. The Organizational Chart shall be reviewed by the Governing Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent/President.

The Organizational Chart shall be considered as a diagrammatic outline of administrative responsibility, but it is recognized that such a structure should not prevent a free flow of communication and information within the college. The official organizational chart shall be located in the Office of the Superintendent/President.

Governing Board Rules and Regulations. (1954), p. 5. (Formerly Governing Board Policy 2015, adopted 2-2-82, which revised and replaced Governing Board Policy 5110; and formerly 2025; adopted originally as 5220 on 6-11-68; Renumbered and Adopted as 2025 on 2-2-82)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and adopted: 7-1-96, 4-6-98