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2230 Purchasing and Contracting Policy

It is the policy of Hartnell Community College District that all expenditures are to be made in accordance with legal requirements and adopted Board Policy. The Superintendent/President or his/her designee may authorize expenditures for equipment, materials and supplies, services (other than for construction), and repairs and maintenance (other than for a public project as defined in Public Contracts Code, Section 22002 (c) and (d), not to exceed $50,000, and as annually adjusted by the Board of Governors. Expenditures for public projects may be authorized by the Superintendent/President or designee provided the sum is less than $15,000. A complete listing of expenditures shall be presented for Board review and ratification at the next regularly scheduled Board meetings within the next sixty days. Expenditures shall not exceed the approved appropriation budget.

In those instances in which compliance with the Education Code and Public Contracts Code requires that purchasing or contracting be made by means of advertised bids, the Superintendent/President shall obtain approval of the Governing Board prior to the call for bids.

The Superintendent/President has established such administrative rules and procedures as are necessary to carry out this policy. These procedures are located in the Office of the Vice President Administrative Services.

Education Code Section 81655
Education Code 81656; Public Contract Code Section 20651
Governing Board Rules and Regulations. (1954), pp. 32a-32b
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 2440; adopted 2-2-82)
Adopted: 10:1-85
Revised and renumbered: 3-4-86
Revised and Adopted: 11-3-92, 4-6-98