At the end of each semester, I ask the Bio1 students what advice they would give to next semester's students. The following is the advice to you from last semester's students.


“Study, study, study and take notes even the things he is saying during lecture and not writing down."

“ Write as much as possible and make sure you understand the material before you leave class don’t be afraid of Dr. Edens he will help you understand the material. Study all of your notes and quizes.”

“ Make sure you do the lab exercises Dr. Edens suggests. Keep track of them and review them throughout the semester so as not to get behind in memory of the things you learned. This information is very useful with your Physio lecture class.”

“ Make sure you take a lot of notes and copy everything he writes on the board even though if he repeats it over.”

“ Review the previous lab exercises before each new lab to keep it fresh. Make sure to FULLY understand the lab you’re doing….take lots of notes…even what he doesn’t write on the board.”

“ Make sure you take good notes and write everything he says. Make sure to study for all the quizzes they add up in the end. Also do all the review questions after your labs.”

“ Work on the lab manual questions after each lab. Always write down everything he says in class.”

“ Attend every lab.”

“ Take very good notes. Review every other day, and the lab manual questions after every class. Attend SI its very helpful ? Enjoy and Good Luck”

“ Don’t fall asleep in class. Study your notes every night to get familiar with the terms and subjects. Get to meet smart friends and hang with them. Use the IS if possible. If not Ask Mr. Edens for help he is really kind and smart. Good luck!! If you cant pass this class you are not the only one who struggled don’t worry. Peace!!”

“ Take notes on everything he says because everything will be on the quizzes and exams. Good luck!!!!”

“ Take the professor seriously about doing the review questions it is a major plus. Take all the advises he gives you about the final. Atttends.i. it will help you build a friendship with your classmates, which can lead to study sessions of your own. Do not be afraid to ask for help. The help is there why not use it. Take your lab experiment seriously. After all , this is lab. Exchange your notes with other students. Most of all, listen carefully to lecture and attend class daily.”

“ Attend every class and ask questions. Do all the labs in the book after each lad this will help with the final.”

“ Read your notes every day and memorize the concepts mentioned in class. Some youtube videos could be very helpful to understand material.”

“ Take notes every day in class study them after class. this will help you do better on your tests.”

“ Be sure to take notes, what ever Dr. Edens takes the time to write down and draw he will take the time to put it in the tests. If your not sure on something just ask he is always happy to clear things up for you. Be sure to have your color pencils or pens they really help when taking notes. Also be sure to take the time to study.”

“ Keep all your quizzes and pay attention to what he says! There are no surprises on the tests but make sure you cover all material and ask questions when you have them in your head! Invest in a pack of colored pencils!”

“ Always do the review questions at the end of the labs and check with Mr. Edens that they are correct they help with understanding the material and on tests.”

“ Lab might be long sometimes but make sure to come to all of them and stay here the whole time for the exit quiz!”

“ Always do the review questions and PLEASE!! Don’t wait until the last minute do it, because it’s going to be too much information to remember a day before a test. Peace btw have fun and good luck as always.”

“ Be sure to draw all of the pictures and diagrams that Dr. Edens draws on the board. Review your notes after class for 10 minutes and do the review questions at the end of the section in the lab book.”

“ DO the review questions!!! DO good on all the weekly quizzes and that can help you grade a lot!”

“ !!!DIDO!!!”

“ Write down all things that are put on the board, they are very good study tools. Don’t be surprised by everything new, it will come naturally in the end. It’s possible you just have to apply yourself, don’t let anyone scare you and tell you it isn’t. Love the sound affects!”

“ Use mnemonics to help recall every information discussed and written in class.”

“ Make sure you take every 2pt and 8 pt quiz seriously – you will need every point in the end to maintain a good grade.”

“ The exit quiz are really hard sometimes so study really hard. Even the lab notebook it helps understanding…”