At the end of each semester, I ask the Bio6L students what advice they would give to next semester's students. The following is the advice to you from last semester's students.


“Take all the notes, pre-lab and all. Buy colored pencils, there is a lot or drawings that are nice when colored-coated. Be nice, stay quiet, and listen. You have a great teacher don’t worry!”


“ Take a lot of good notes and use color pencils or pens”

“ Take good notes with different colored pens. I highly recommend doing the review questions before every weekly quiz, plus it will pay off in the end when you need to study for the final.”

“ Be organized and try to use different ways to memorize definitions and words. Also the review questions really help!!!”

“ Be on time for the weekly exams, always take good notes, and ask questions when you do no understand the material”

“ Study everything he writes on the board “IT WILL BE ON MIDTERMS” :D”

“ Keep onto of your studying, no matter how easy you may think it is.”

“ Take all your notes and study them, if you don’t study you will fall behind in the class and will be tough to bring your grade up.”

“ Take good notes, and take advantage of all the help they offer, study the book, notes everything, stay up to date.”

“ Take lots of notes using color pens. If you don’t understand anything best thing to do is just ask Dr. Edens will be more than happy to help. Just study a lot and do the review questions they help a lot.”

“ Everything you need to know to pass the midterms Mr. Edens tells you during lecture. So take really good notes; make sure to write down everything he writes on the board and do the review questions.”

“ Do the review questions on his website! They help a lot for the final. Also get a set of colored pens and draw the diagrams he makes on the board. Other than that, ask questions and be ready to learn a lot. This class helps you a lot with lecture as well. GOOD LUCK!”

“ Really pay attention during class! You do not want to lose focus on the things he is explaining because any little thing can be on his weekly quizzes, exit quizzes, or his exams. They are no joke! And try to avoid skipping class. One class has a lot of information and everything is valuable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if they may sound stupid. Always good to clarify what was said.”

“ Show up every day. With exit quizzes every lab period and weekly quizzes every week, the points add up quickly.”

“ Take colorful notes and write down everything that Mr. Edens writes on the board. Do all of the review questions before midterms and memorize your notes! This class is fun Good luck!”

“ Write down everything Dr. Edens says, use colored pencils for drawings, and do every review that Dr. Edens posts online. This is a fun class and it is easy to understand if you write down everything!”

“ Since Dr. Edens is one of the best instructors, you have everything that you will need to succeed in Physiology Lab. If you rewrite your notes right after each lecture or session, I guarantee it that you will increase your grade by one letter grade. He is the best because he is very clear and is such an excellent motivator with an excellent sense of humor. I am going to miss his class tremendously. Read the experiment ahead of time and that will help you decrease your anxiety for studying. Good luck!”

“ Dr. Edens will definitely prepare you for your major especially in medical field. He explains the material very well and will answer all the questions. Make sure take notes and draw! Use the review question online to study.”

“ This is a fun class. Never have I felt pressured. As long as you write everything he writes and always listen to his side comments (he gets some of his test questions from it). He’s a funny guy so it makes learning hassle free. Goodluck!”

“ Dr. Edens class s very fun and full of colors! He will make you understand the concepts and the topics well. He is a great and wonderful person. Sometimes he makes some corny jokes! So bare with him“

“ My recommendations for future students are to study really hard for this class and take good notes for it. Make sure to get good grades on the exit quiz and weekly quiz because your grade depend from it. Good Luck!”

“ This is a really good class pay attention and study notes. Goodluck!”