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Family to Family - Foster and Kinship Care at Hartnell College
  Attention Foster Youth!
You may be eligible for EOPS/CARE
program services, Please
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Hartnell College Foster & Kinship Care Education in assoication with MCDSES can give you the extra support you want by offering even more specialized programs. Come to FKCE when you
  • take care of a relative's child
  • think you'd like to care for a child in the "system"
  • need to complete mandated state foster care education
  • care for another's child and want to improve your parenting skills

Monterey County is a Family to Family - Family to Family (F2F) is a family-centered neighborhood-based approach with the primary goal of improving the lives of children and families. Through F2F,we are joining hands with Monterey County neighborhoods to create local environments supporting families involved in the child welfare system.

Monterey County Association of Families Caring for Children - MCAFCC - The Caregiver Association is an organization of foster parents/relative and near kin caregivers and community members who have a common interest in the welfare of children in Monterey County. MCAFCC is dedicated to supporting resource families in partnership with Monterey County's Family and Children's Services.



"How to..." Orientation Meetings [Calendar]
If you are interested in hearing introductory information on the How-To of becoming a foster or adoptive caregiver, these meetings are for you. English and Spanish courses available.

TEAM (Foster/Adoptive Preservice/Basic Training) [Calendar]
This series of classes helps you provide a safe and nurturing home for foster children in your care. You will learn alongside others how to best love and raise these children who may have been emotionally and behaviorally challenged. This series will equip you with the basic information you need to be licensed. Classes offered in English and Spanish and are by invitation only. Please contact us to learn more about this series.

ROOTS (Relatives Offering Ongoing Ties & Support) [Calendar]
Are you a grandparent uncle, aunt, or other extended family member who is caring part-time or full-time for a relative's child! If you answered, "Yes," then ROOTS (kinship care) is for you. We will help you find answers to questions, such as: What happens during the court process, where do you get needed financial assistance, how do you juggle your life and the needs of the child[ren]?

SPARK [Successfully Parenting At-Risk Kids] [Calendar]
These 4 three-hour sessions offer instruction regarding specialized needs of caring for children born drug-exposed or with drug/alcohol issues in their family of origin. Class meets in-service state license requirements for foster and adoptive caregivers.

Cluster/Advanced Training: [Calendar]
These 2-hour class sessions meet monthly and are offered for foster and relative/near-kin caregivers. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to the emotional and behavioral challenges in parenting. Peer support and expert training is a highlight of these meetings.

Advisory Committees:
Many of our FKCE parents come together with other community leaders to share their thoughts and feeling about child caregiving education and issues. They want to help others by what they have experienced. You, too, might want to bring your ideas to an advisory committee meeting. We'd be happy to help you connect with one of these groups.

Hartnell College is a great place to keep in touch with what's happening in the community as well as in foster/kinship care. You'll learn about local associations and more resources that you can tap into.

Behavioral Health:
These trainings will cover a variety of topics such as: ADD/ADHD, Grief and Loss, How to Deal with the Angry Child, Conflict Resolutions, and Behavioral Interventions.

Legal Advocates for Permanent Parenting (LAPP) Trainings:
New Child Welfare Laws and Regulations and the "Prudent Parent Law" are examples of some of the trainings that are provided by LAPP.

Navigating the Special Education System:
This training covers Individual Education Plans, (iEP)'s. Law AB490 is reviewed and sample letters are provided to assist foster parents requesting special education accommodations.

Specialized Care: [Calendar]
Each training series provides twelve (12) hours of training regarding the specialized care needed by medically fragile infants, children and/or foster youth. Topics include: infant massage, sensory integration (hands-on care), nutrition training and effective parenting techniques

Specialized Care - Teen Issues: [Calendar]
Topics covered in this training: gang awareness, education/Individualized Education Plans (iEP), behavioral health issues, LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Questioning) teen, Inside the Teenage Brain.

First Aid/CPR: [Calendar]
This single eight-hour class is offered at no charge for licensed foster parents/relative caregiver six times per year. Registration is required in advance.

Supporting Independent Living Skills: [Calendar]
Resource family trainings developed for nurturing and supporting independent living skills for youth in the Independent Living Program. Topics may include, but are not limited to: interpersonal & social skills, cooking, communication, financial independence, motivational training and graduation.

Coffee Connection: [Calendar]
A social networking and educational training held six times per year for caregivers and county staff. Topics for these trainings are discussed by the caregivers prior to each training.

Fees: There are no fees! California is supporting your efforts to increase your caregiving skills and knowledge.
Pre-registration required for most training, please call FKCE-Hartnell office in advance.

Training Records/Certificates are available for attendance at trainings. Childcare available at all trainings, must call in advance to reserve spot. In compliance with equal access laws, preparations may be made to discuss appropriate accommodations that a caregiver with a verified disability may require to be educated. Requests for accommodations need to be made in writing to our office, including disability verification, for determination of reasonable accommodations.

For more information contact:
Project Coordinator, Margie Wiebusch at 831 755-6923 or email: mwiebusc@hartnell.edu.