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Fund for Student Success: An expanded educated citizenry in the Salinas Valley.

Key Strategic Initiatives   Fundraising Goal
Merit Scholarships   $500,000
First in Family Scholarships   $500,000
Book Scholarships   $500,000
Campus Area Scholarships & Internship   $250,000
Connection Program to Reach K-12 Community   $885,600
Total:   $2,635,600

Nothing is more important to the mission of Hartnell College than to provide meaningful access to education for all people in the district who may benefit from it. Many people in our district cannot access the education we offer without substantial financial assistance in the form of scholarships.

Private funding is necessary to establish annual funds and endowments that would provide important financial assistance to students of the Salinas Valley, currently and in perpetuity. These funds include a merit scholarship for high-achieving low- to middle-income students each year; a scholarship for students who are the first in their family to attend college; and a scholarship that buys books for students who cannot afford to purchase their own textbooks. For information on creating a scholarship, visit Student Scholarships.

Campus Area Scholarships include specific scholarship needs that have been identified for students in particular disciplines, including agriculture, athletics, nursing, computer science, construction technology, theater arts, physics, business, teacher education, and early childhood education among others. Scholarships also are necessary to expand our services to students with disabilities, students needing tutoring assistance, and students utilizing the Academic Learning Center for tutoring.

Connection Program: Research shows that most students decide at a very early age—before the middle school years—whether they are "college material." Add to that the research that shows the Salinas Valley lagging far behind the nation in the percentage of its citizens who finish high school and attend college, and a need emerges to reach students throughout the elementary and high school years to encourage them to stay in school through high school and beyond, not only as a matter of personal fulfillment, but also to improve their economic prospects and ability to get and maintain gainful employment. This outreach program will demystify college and attempt to raise the percentage of students who establish higher education goals.

Private funding in the amount of $2,635,600 is needed to fund Student Success.

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