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How to Locate and Read eBooks in the Hartnell College Library

eBooks are electronic versions of printed books.

Finding eBooks

  • Search the Hartnell College Library Online Catalog by author, title, keyword or subject.
  • eBooks may be identified in the catalog by the following characteristics:
    1. After an item title [electronic resource] is stated
    2. Library location will be "Online"
    3. Item call number will usually include an "eb" (for eBook)
  • Keyword searches may be limited to eBooks by including the phrase "electronic resource" in the search. Example: a keyword search +scholarships +"electronic resource" finds eBooks about financial aid and scholarships.


  • Select the link to Electronic Books from the Hartnell College Library web page and browse through the eBook listings.

Reading eBooks Online

  • Select the link "Internet Access."
  • If you are on the Hartnell campus you can now select "Browse this eBook online" to read the book for a brief period of time. Follow the online instructions and read the help screens for more information.
  • If you are off-campus, you must have an account set up to read these eBooks. You must be on the Hartnell College campus to create your account.
  • Some temporary accounts for off-campus users have been created. Students, faculty and other Hartnell College users should only use these for a limited period of time until they can obtain their own account.
  • Temporary account information:

    User Name: hartnell1
    Password: hartnell1

(Accounts for hartnell2, hartnell3, hartnell4, hartnell5 have also been set up)

For more information contact the Hartnell College Library Reference Desk, 759-6078.