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The New Media Center at Hartnell College was one of three regional media centers awarded by the Chancellor’s Office through an Economic and Workforce program in the State of California. The purpose of the regional media centers is to meet the need of the growing work force by promoting technology for efficiency and productivity. Our current focus, is to serve the South West Bay Area colleges through the Deputy Sector Navigator initiative.

Deputy Sector Navigators serve as in-region contact for a sector, working with the region’s colleges and employers to create alignment around and deliver on workforce training and career pathways. There are 7 macro-regions subdivided into 15 economic regions. Deputy Sector Navigators operate at the macro-region level. In certain geographies, there may be two Deputy Sector Navigators providing coverage to the macro-region. Within the macro-region, is among 5-7 Deputy Sector Navigators, each serving an industry or occupational cluster selected by the macro-region as its priority or emergent sector targeted for investment. The Regional Consortia has the task of selecting priority and emergent sectors. Within the state, belongs to a network of Deputy Sector Navigators within the same sector that is led and coordinated by the Sector Navigator. This network will help the Deputy Sector Navigator normalize workplans, learn of curriculum models and effective practices, and field “how to” questions. The Chancellor’s Office communicates to the Deputy Sector Navigators through the Sector Navigators. For more information about Deputy Sector Navigators, visit: Doing What Matters.


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