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All DREAMers are welcomed at Mi CASA

Services for Dreamer Students

Hartnell College is committed to supporting all students regardless of their residency status. We provide specialized services for Dreamer students.

DACA Updates

Dreamers and their Educational Rights
FERPA and Student Privacy:

The Family Education Right to Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal mandate designed to protect the privacy of students’ records. FERPA includes academic records, financial aid records, attendance records and any other personally identifiable information collected by the college that, if shared, could violate the privacy rights of students and former students. Click on these links to view Hartnell College's Board Policy 5040 and Administrative Procedure 5040 regarding Student Education Records and Directory Information.  For more information please visit: http://www.hartnell.edu/family-educational-rights-and-privacy-act-ferpa

FERPA permits release of “directory information” without authorization unless the student submits an Authorization for Release of Student Records form to opt out of being included in directory information.   

Latest resources for DACAmented Students

-weareheretostay.org  for resources on how to take yourself during this difficult time, as well as information on how to take action now
**Dear Students we understand that this may be an overwhelming amount of information.  Please do not hesitate to contact  Mi CASA if you have questions**
2017-18 Academic Year Accomplishments
Keeping the Community Informed

Mi CASA Staff and Dreamer at Radio Bilingue interview



On November 30, 2017, the Center for Achievement and Student Advancement staff and a Dreamer student ambassador, were hosted once again on a radio talk show on public affairs known as Comunidad Alerta airing on Radio Bilingue KHDC 90.9FM.  Comunidad Alerta strives to inform and raise awareness among the Latino Community.  The segment featured Mi CASA Dreamer Adriana Gonzalez-Sebastian, Program Assistant Miriam Vazquez-Gonzalez and Counselor Yuliana Vasquez.  The show focused on the future after DACA.  The Mi CASA team commented on the importance of not giving up and reiterated that education is a right that cannot be taken away from Dreamers. Additionally, Mi CASA staff spoke about the Immigrants Rising training on alternatives to continue making a living which was presented by Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) recently at Hartnell College.  The recent expansion of in-state tuition in California better known as AB 68 was also mentioned during the show.  AB 68 will allow more students to be able to pay in state tuition and receive state-based financial aid, through the modification of California school attendance requirement.  Implementation of SB 68 will take place in January 2018.  Dreamer Adriana Gonzalez-Sebastian fiercely shared about her experience as a Dreamer and how Mi CASA has supported her and made her feel welcomed at Hartnell College.


Archives of this and previous Mi CASA appearances on Radio Bilingue can be found at: http://www.archivosderb.org/

Mi CASA Presents "Immigrants Rising" Training
Immigrants Rising Training presented by E4FC representative Ms. Iliana Perez
On November 14, 2017, faculty and staff participated in an important workshop for DREAMer Allies. Educators for Fair Consideration's Ms. Iliana G. Perez presented an Immigrants Rising Training to teach us about what steps undocumented students can take to pursue a meaningful career and secure their financial future. Now, more than ever, it is incumbent upon us to educate ourselves so that we can continue to support students in meeting their goals; with or without DACA, regardless of their status. Participants learned about the basics of entrepreneurship and independent contracting, two methods of earning a living without a DACA work permit. The information shared in the training will improve our ability to provide relevant advising and counseling around majors and career choices for undocumented students. It will also give students hope for the future as they navigate the challenges of college coursework. The DREAMer Allies at Hartnell look forward to continuing to collaborate to assist students in building agency and power within themselves.

2016-17 Academic Year Accomplishments


Dreamer Transfer Banquet
Congratulations to the Dreamers Class of 2017
As the academic year culminated, MiCASA honored the hardwork and dedication of those students who completed their transfer requirements and/or graduated from Hartnell College.  


Keynote speaker Monica Cardenas Guzman addresses Hartnell Dreamers at transfer banquet

Keynote speaker Monica Cardenas Guzman addresses Dreamers and their families at MiCASA's first dreamer transfer banquet.  


Hartnell College Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution Supporting Unodcumented Students and Affirming the Privacy of Student Records

This resolution affirms the values of Hartnell College in supporting undocumented students and also affirms that the District will protect the privacy of education records for all students regardless of immigration status and consistent with existing laws.


Hartnell College President Dr. Lewallen recognizes the Hartnell College Board of Trustees for the resolution passed in favor of Hartnell College Dreamers

Hartnell College President Dr. Willard Lewallen recognizes the Board of Trustees at MiCASA's Dreamer Transfer Banquet, for passing a resolution that supports Hartnell College Dreamers.  


For a complete version of the Hartnell College District Resolution 17:3 follow the link


Know your Rights:

National Immigrant Law Center: Know your rights

Immigrants Rights Under a Trump Presidency (Spanish & English)

Fact Sheet:

Fact Sheet & Resource Guide for Dreamer Students & Mixed Status Families (English)

Fact Sheet & Resource Guide for Dreamer Students & Mixed Status Families (Spanish)


Services for Dreamers:


·          A safe space for Dreamers (D-383 and D-385)

·          Assistance with AB540 Affidavit

·          Educational planning and counseling

·          Scholarship and financial aid assistance, including guidance filling out the Dream Act Application

·          Peer mentoring and social activities

·          Referrals to other campus services through the Dreamer Ally network

·          Advocacy and support


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Cafecito Fridays:


Join us for coffee and discussion to raise awareness amongst the Hartnell College community about AB540, DACA, & Dreamer students. Next meeting to be announced soon.


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