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Hartnell College an Innovator in Course Offerings

December 19th, 2007

As a manifestation of its commitment to the future of its students, Hartnell College has implemented a guaranteed schedule for the spring semester, a schedule that its students can count on.

Every class listed in the printed schedule that residents received in their mailboxes in November is guaranteed to be offered at the time and place that it is listed.

This may seem like a simple thing, but, because of the difficulty of predicting enrollments and the financial pressures of running only full classrooms, a guaranteed schedule is rare in the world of community colleges. In fact, only one or two community colleges in Chicago have done it for any length of time.

After Hartnell announced its guaranteed schedule in October, Pierce College in the Los Angeles Community College District announced that it would offer a limited guarantee this year, applying to its basic skills English and math classes for winter intersession.

A draft version of the guaranteed schedule, built on several years’ worth of data on enrollment patterns, was tested by faculty and students before going live.