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2007 Press Releases

-- Media Contact: Esmeralda Montenegro Owen, Director of Communications, 831-755-6810, emontenegro@hartnell.edu

December 19th, 2007   Hartnell College an Innovator in Course Offerings

December 17th, 2007   Hartnell College Physics Club Wins National Recognition

December 11th, 2007   Hartnell and the Marines Deliver Toys for Tots

December 7th, 2007   Hartnell Dances in December

November 30th, 2007   Hartnell College Staff Organizes Books of Love

November 30th, 2007   December Concerts at Hartnell College to Make Your Holidays Bright

November 30th, 2007   Hartnell College Gallery Exhibits Japanese Porcelain

November 26th, 2007   Rockets and Robotics Club Presents Robotics Olympics

November 21st, 2007   Hartnell Hosts Poetry Against War

November 21st, 2007   North American Community Forum at Hartnell

November 20th, 2007   Hartnell Scientists to be Cityís Newest Champions

November 19th, 2007   NASA Rewards High-flying Hartnell Engineering Student

November 19th, 2007   Hartnell Student Group Holds Business Expo

November 1st, 2007   Hartnell Physics Club Awarded Big Sur International Marathon Grant

October 22nd, 2007   Hartnell Hosts Halloween Party

October 18th, 2007   College Night and Transfer Day Information Sessions at Hartnell College

October 18th, 2007   Parents Who Turned Tragedy into Compassion to Speak at Hartnell College

October 4th, 2007   International Community Dinners Offered at Hartnell College

September 21st, 2007   Hartnell Trustee Candidatesí Forum

September 19th, 2007   Calling All Future Teachers!

September 13th, 2007   Hartnell College to Launch Businesses and Community Surveys

September 13th, 2007   Hartnell Celebrates Constitution Day

September 13th, 2007   Hartnell Rocks the Stars With Benefit Event

September 5th, 2007   Hartnell Science Research Symposium and Dinner

August 20th, 2007   Read Steinbeck for Credit at Hartnell College

August 17th, 2007   Nationally Renowned Ceramicist to Open Hartnell Gallery Season

August 15th, 2007   Planetarium Experts to Meet at Hartnell

August 13th, 2007   Final Push for Fall Registration at Hartnell College

August 6th, 2007   Hartnell College Students Earn Academic Honors

July 27th, 2007   Agriculture Industry Leaders Teach Food Safety at Hartnellís Agriculture Institute

July 27th, 2007   Hartnell College Earns Top Award From NASA

July 26th, 2007   Hartnell College Names Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

July 13th, 2007   Potential Candidates Invited to Hartnell Board Retreat

July 6th, 2007   Preschool educators give talk about programs of Italy

July 3rd, 2007   Hartnell Hosts Information Sessions on Accreditation

June 29th, 2007   Hartnell College Commits to Quickly Resolving Accreditation Recommendations

June 26th, 2007   Hartnell College Names Nursing Director

June 19th, 2007   Hartnell College Names Interim President

June 13th, 2007   Summer is for scholars at Hartnell College

May 31st, 2007   Hartnell College Pathways Puts You in the Swim

May 30th, 2007   Hartnell College Students Graduate on Friday, June 1

May 30th, 2007   Hartnell Nursing Graduates to Hold Pinning Ceremony

May 22nd, 2007     Migrant Students Celebrate Graduation with College Enrollment

May 22nd, 2007     Campus Bulletin - Campus incident of Monday, May 21, 2007

May 8th, 2007     Science and Health Fun for the Whole Family

May 8th, 2007     The Music Department of Hartnell College Announces Its Line-Up Of Spring Concerts

May 4th, 2007     Hartnell College Presents Teaching Excellence Awards

May 2nd, 2007     Hartnell Astronomy Summer Course Serves as National Model

April 30th, 2007     Hartnell College Presents a Funny Look at Serious Survival

April 27th, 2007     Hartnell Dance Recital Focuses on the West

April 26th, 2007     Dr. Valeau to be honored by Seaside Church

April 24th, 2007     Hartnell College Team Takes Second Place in Robotics Competition

April 20th, 2007     Hartnell College Opens Small Business Development Center

April 19th, 2007     Litigation Dismissed with Prejudice

April 18th, 2007     Hartnell Student Club (SIFE) Hosts Business Seminar

April 18th, 2007     Hartnell College Benefit to Reach for the Stars

April 18th, 2007     Hartnell College Hosts Pow Wow

April 13th, 2007     Agriculture Industry Leaders Teach Food Safety Course at New Hartnell Agricultural Business and Technology Institute

April 12th, 2007     Sign Up Now For Hartnell Collegeís 2007-08 Preschool

April 11th, 2007     Poetry Reading and Awards Festival Features College Poets

April 4th, 2007     Hartnell Students Earn Summer Research Internships

April 2nd, 2007     Hartnell College Student Club Wins Regional Business Competition

March 30th, 2007     Hartnell College Hosts Youth Summit for Middle School Children

March 30th, 2007     Matt Collins Named Hartnellís Head Football Coach

March 28th, 2007     Hartnell College Hosts Career and Employment Fair

March 23rd, 2007     Become an important link in the health care field in just 11 months

March 15th, 2007     Hartnell College Hosts Accreditation Team Site Visit

March 9th, 2007     President Edward J. Valeau Announces Retirement from Hartnell College

March 8th, 2007     Hartnell College Awards Degrees and Certificates for Fall 2006

March 7th, 2007     Hartnell College Reads "The Grapes of Wrath"

March 5th, 2007     March Music at Hartnell College

March 5th, 2007     Irish Dinner and Celebration at Hartnell College

March 1st, 2007   Hartnell College Launches Agriculture Institute and Fundraising Effo

February 28th, 2007     Dr. Eddie Moore to speak at Hartnell College about White Privilege

February 21st, 2007     The Big Read Photo Exhibit Opens Monday

February 20th, 2007     Explore Black Holes at Hartnell College Planetarium

February 13th, 2007     Hartnell College Area Students Earn Academic Honors

February 12th, 2007     Hartnell Seeks Senior Candidates for Bond Oversight Committee

February 8th, 2007     International Community Dinners Offered at Hartnell College

February 6th, 2007     Brilliantly Explosive Show Highlights Black History Month at Hartnell College

February 1st, 2007     Hartnell College Bond Oversight Committee Positive Financial Review

January 31st, 2007     3+1 Program Gives Hartnell Students Baccalaureate Option

January 26th, 2007     Hartnell Offers Financial Assistance Workshop

January 25th, 2007     Hartnell Art Gallery Presents Bold and Spare Two-Part Exhibit

January 24th, 2007     Hartnell Community Education Program Offers Spring Classes

January 19th, 2007     Hartnell Offers Thursday Night Film Appreciation Class

January 19th, 2007     Hartnell Gives Students Most Value

January 17th, 2007     Hartnell Seeks Senior Candidates for Bond Oversight Committee

January 11th, 2007     Nominations Sought for Distinguished Alum Award