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Program Planning & Assessment
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Hartnell College CAB 209 - 411 Central Salinas, CA
November 24, 2008 at 3:00PM

Dr. Kelly Locke, Chair
Dr. Kathleen Rose, Co-Chair

Barbara Durham, Kathleen Rose, Kathy Mendelsohn, Kelly Locke, Langston Johnson, Carol Kimbrough, Cheryl O’Donnell, Margaret Mayfield, Robert Maffei


Lourdes Sanchez


Agenda #1

Topic:1. 2008-09 Cuesta College Planning Cycle Calendar
Presenter:Dr. Kelly Locke
Summary of Agenda Item:Kelly, it will be good to have this kind of calendar a brief description was given by Kelly about how this calendar is divide into PROGRAM PLANNING AND REVIEW, UNIT AND CLUSTER PLANNING AND PLANNING BUDGET COMMITTEE, we have an idea the order of things need to happen but, what we do not have is a hard copy to show when recommendations needs to be sent to the board for approval to start planning the budget for the fiscal year. Maybe Barbara Yesnosky can help us with the development of this planning cycle. Kelly moved next to explain another form obtained from Cuesta College, which is Appendix A: Unit Annual Program Planning Worksheet for Student Services, she mentioned to the committee that this is how Cuesta College built a database report with the help of their IT person, she said that Hartnell has the CurricUNET that can create a similar type of report . Cuesta report is a similar to the template that we used in our December planning day. The explanation continued on how Cuesta uses this report and Kelly said that because this is electronic report they can identify the Technology needs, Human Resources needs, Student Learning Outcomes, other issues or enrollment, Scheduling, Retention, curriculum that needs to be revised. All of their Program Panning are divided by those categories that are match by their governing Committee. This report will help us to do a better job, by reporting to the appropriate committee the issues concerning to them. The different committees will received a rubric form to be use to score request and plans received and to take priorities out of the list to process them accordinling. Then, Langston moved into to show the committee the report that he created to accomplish the same results with his.
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Agenda #2

Topic:2. Program and Services Overview
Presenter:Langston Johnson
Summary of Agenda Item:Langston give a brief explanation on what this report will include, so this committee will ask the right questions to the faculty to come up with the Outcomes. Kathy and Kelly contributed to the discussion with possible questions and answers that the faculty might come up with. The discussion and explanation of this report continued
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Agenda #3

Topic:3. Program Level Outcomes
Presenter:Langston and Kelly
Summary of Agenda Item:A discussion was on how this PLO will be developed to summaries the information obtained, and how it will be used. Langston described to the committee how this report was developed. Kelly added more ideas on how this information will be used to come up with useful information to be given to the different committees. Langston will give this draft report to Steve (CurricUNET) so he can create the shell to start this Program Planning Review report.
Kelly asked the committee to review the Educational Master Planning and come up with more ideas, Langston will have copies of the Student Activities for the next meeting to review them and come up with an agreement on how these activities will look like.
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