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TRiO Student Support Services Program

WELCOME to the TRiO Student Support Services website!!

We are excited to launch this new interactive website that will bring you current and up to date information on the TRiO Student Support Services Program at Hartnell College.

TRiO is funded by the US Department of Education and is one of the original TRIO programs. The history of the Federal TRIO programs dates back to the 1960's. The goal of TRIO is to provide educational services that will help low income and first generation students acquire a postsecondary degree.

TRiO at Hartnell College is designed for students to attain their educational goal whether it be to graduate with a Certificate or Associate degree or transfer to a four year school by providing additional academic support and student services.

We are currently seeking applicants for the program. If you are a Hartnell College student and you are seeking additional services to help you reach your educational goal we encourage you to download the application and submit as soon as possible.

Again, we welcome you and encourage you to browse through our resourceful website to learn more about the program.