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Associated Students of Hartnell College

As a student of Hartnell College, you are also a member of the Associated Students, known as ASHC. The ASHC Senate manages the affairs of student activities and student government. The goal of the Senate is to give voice to all students at Hartnell, enabling them to become an integral part of the College community.

The student representatives for 2008-2009 academic year are:

Position/Title Picture Name E-Mail Address Phone Number
President   Armando Cortes armando_cortes421@yahoo.com
Vice-President   Jazmin Rascon Jazmin_Rascon@live.com
Health Sciences   Vacant    
Counseling   Hilario Lopez alianzaluda@yahoo.com (831) 758-0399
Fine Arts   Jessey Sacayanan semperuso@yahoo.com (831) 229-2998
Math and Science   Luciano Cerritos    
Social Science   Julian Garcia    
Physical Education   Denise Rascon dnrascon@hotmail.com  
Business   Sara Sang s.sang88@hotmail.com (831) 262-4200
Technology   Sandra Fernandez    
Student Services   Matt Willis    
Secretary   Vacant    
Treasurer   Vacant    
Commissioner of Activities   Tina Hall    
Commissioner of Publicity   Maria De La Garma montse_delagarma@yahoo.com  
Board of Trustees
Student Trustee   Armando Cortes armando_cortes421@yahoo.com  


The responsibilities of the ASHC Senate are to provide and administer a program of activities and services to students, adopting and supervising an annual ASHC budget, granting club charters, appointing officers and students to campus-wide committees, and sharing in the development of College policies and activities.

The ASHC Office is located in the College Center, Room HCC-101. The ASHC Senate meets on a weekly basis; for more information, please contact ASHC Senate Office at (831)755-6734 or the Student Activities Office at (831)755-6825 or via email at Hartnell_ASHC@yahoo.com.