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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Cooperative Work Experience Office?

Call the Co-Op office at 755-6925  - or -
Stop by the Co-Op office at HCC119, the Career Center.

How do I get more information about enrolling?
 Call the Co-Op office at 755-6925  - or -
Stop by the Co-Op office at HCC119, the Career Center

What is required of me as a new student?
You are required to attend one orientation session, where each step of the Co-Op program is       fully explained.

What if I am a returning student?
Come by the Career Center and successfully complete a Co-Op quiz and receive your instructor assignment.

Can I do Cooperative Work Experience if I don’t currently have a job?
Work experience is designed for students who currently are working or volunteering.  If you need help finding work or a volunteer location, the Career Center has job listings and internship/volunteer opportunities that may fit your experience and interests.

What happens if I leave my job before the end of the semester?
We understand that these things happen. You need to let your instructor know what has happened soon as possible. There are many options that can be explored: Withdraw from Co-Op; Reduce your units for the numbers of hours you have completed; Complete additional projects; etc. It is very important that your co-op instructor is informed; otherwise your instructor will be forced to grade you on incomplete information. It would be as if you stopped showing up for a regular class and did not process the “drop” paperwork.