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Counseling and Guidance

Image of a Hartnell Counselor advising a student Professional counseling and guidance services are available to all students and prospective students of Hartnell College. Counselors assist students with exploring career, educational, and personal goals and planning a program of studies to fulfill the educational/course requirements to meet these goals. University transfer, vocational study, basic skills development, professional enrichment, and personal enrichment are all included in academic counseling services.

Classes are taught by the counselors to assist the student with orientation to the College, career exploration, development of skills for academic success, etc. These classes are listed in the white section of the catalog under the heading Counseling.

Day and evening counseling services are available on both an appointment and a walk-in basis. For more informationm and/or to schedule a counseling appointment, contact the Counseling Appointment Office, located in the CALL Building, 755-6820 or contact your counselor directly at his/her office.