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Frequently Asked Questions - General

I didn't graduate from High School can I attend Hartnell College?

Yes, you can attend Hartnell College if you didn't graduate from high school. Anyone who is at least eighteen years old may attend HC, regardless of high school status. The Ability to Benefit test is available at the Assessment Center call extension 6054 for an appointment.

If you are younger than eighteen you may attend with approval of your high school principal and parent/guardian. The Concurrent Enrollment Form is available in the Admissions Office (Ext 6711) or at your High School.
I've been out of school a longtime…can I make it at Hartnell?

Yes, you too can make it at Hartnell College no matter how long you have been out of school.

You will find a lot of students on campus, in both the day, evening, and weekend programs, who are coming back to school so they can work toward new careers, improve job skills in their current careers, achieve new goals and stimulate their brains the natural way---with new ideas. Hartnell has courses ranging from basic skills in math and English to advanced career programs and university-level transfer classes. In addition, tutoring is available for many courses.
I have young children - is child care available?
Yes, child care is available at the ARC Children's Center for enrolled students.

Do you offer student housing?
Hartnell College does not provide residency housing. However, the International Student and Re-Entry Center Office does have information available on roommates, shared housing, and available rentals. Contact the Re-Entry office at (831) 755-6829.

I am a citizen of another country. Can I come to Hartnell College?
Yes, if you plan to come just to study, you would be considered an international student. Visit the International Students web site for more information.