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Frequently Asked Questions - Course Catalog/Schedule

How can I find out what course offerings are available?
Course offerings can be found in the printed schedule or online. If the schedule is not available for the semester you are inquiring about, please contact the department where the class is offered.

I can select my courses independently why would I need to meet with a counselor?

The counseling program provides assistance and information to individual students regarding academic, personal and career guidance concerns. Students who would like help with any of these issues are encouraged to contact the counseling department for an appointment.

Additional services provided by the counseling faculty include:
  • Assistance to adults returning to school
  • Interpretation of aptitude and career interest assessments
  • Information and guidance for transfer to four-year institutions
  • Information and guidance about the completion of Hartnell certificates, associate degrees and graduation requirements.
  • Crisis counseling, and
  • New Student Orientation.

  • The counseling faculty utilizes the expertise of and can refer students to the Career Center, Child Care Center, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOP&S), Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE), Disabled Student Program (DSPS), Financial Aid, Learning Center, Transfer Center, instructional faculty members, staff and administrators, and off campus agencies for assistance.

    Counseling services are also provided to first time students enrolling provisionally and students on academic and/or progress probation.