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Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS) encourages the enrollment of students disadvantaged by educational, language, social, and economic factors. EOPS aims to facilitate the successful completion for non-traditional students with their educational goals and objectives.

EOPS Eligibility

To participate in the EOPS/CARE Programs, you must meet the guidelines below:

  • Must apply for Financial Aid using the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (completed at the Financial Aid office on Campus). Please be sure to do this at least 2 weeks prior to applying to EOPS/CARE.
  • Qualify for a Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver (to be completed at Financial Aid office on Campus)
  • Be a California resident
  • Be a full time student (12 or more units, but some exceptions apply for DSPS & CARE students)
  • Have completed less than 70 degree applicable units
  • Have an educational, economic or social disadvantage (Enrolled in remedial education, did not graduate High School or obtain GED, first generation in family to attend college, member of underrepresented student group, emancipated foster care youth, Non-native English speaker).


EOPS Services include:

Counseling and Advising

EOPS offers excellent counseling services. We work with students to succeed in school through an Educational Plan which maps out the classes you need. Counselors provide information on setting and completing academic goals; they work with students to explore academic and career options. We also provide referrals to both campus services and community services that fit the student’s needs. We are available to offer support with personal issues which may keep you from succeeding in school.

Priority Registration
Every semester, EOPS students may access priority registration approximately 1 day before the general student population. This service is valuable for students to ensure preferred classes early on in the registration process each semester. Assistance is available for students needing help accessing the internet registration system (PAWS) and/or the phone registration (ASAP).

Book Credit Services and Grants
EOPS/CARE assists with the cost of textbooks in the college Bookstore. Textbook credits are available in the Fall and Spring semesters. 
EOPS/CARE grants are available in the middle of Fall and Spring Semesters (if funding is available).

Peer Advising
Peer advisors are Hartnell students who provide EOPS/CARE students with information about Hartnell College resources, policies and program activities. They assist in the EOPS program with orientations, workshops, and setting appointments. Peer advisors help in the retention of EOPS/CARE students.
Transfer Guidance
In order to go to a university, EOPS offers support for students such as academic planning, letters of recommendation, application fee waivers, exploring university programs and university visits. 

Orientation and Workshops

An EOPS Orientation is provided to familiarize students with Hartnell College and EOPS functions, programs and services. During an orientation, students will become familiar with student responsibilities and EOPS services, as well as financial aid information and transfer information. Workshops are designed to help students to be successful in their goals. Topics include: financial aid, study strategies, time management and career development.

Outreach and Recruitment
EOPS provides outreach and recruitment which aims to increase the number of potential EOPS eligible students who enroll at Hartnell.

Support Services

  • Recommendations to EOP programs at CSU campuses
  • Scholarships (for transfer and continuing students)
  • University of California and California State University application fee waivers
  • Caps and Gowns for Graduation
  • Calculator loan program
  • Referrals to other college and community services

Advisory Committee
The Hartnell College EOPS has an Advisory Committee. The purpose of the advisory committee is to assist the college in developing and maintaining effective Extended Opportunity Programs and Services.