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Welcome, International Students
This is your new campus!

Thank you for your interest in our college. We are very excited to meet you and assist you with your educational goals. It is our wish that you have a successful academic experience at Hartnell College and enjoy living in Salinas, and in the surrounding area.

We are aware of your unique needs and concerns as an International Student. You will experience many challenges living and studying outside your country. To assist you with your arrival in the United States and Salinas, we have prepared this information about the International Student Program at Hartnell College.

At this college,
You will....

... Improve your English skills for entering university, your job, or personal goals.

... Learn American culture from your International and American friends, host family, and teachers in your classes.

... Make new friends who come from all over the world.

... Enjoy living in a quiet city near beautiful beaches and lovely coastal communities.

Hartnell College

Hartnell College is a California community college which is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as the California State Higher Education System. Hartnell College was established in 1920, and is home to a student population of more than 10,000 and includes International students from over 30 countries.

Academically, Hartnell College offers Two-Year Degree and Specialized Certificate Programs in many different majors including Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, and Technology to prepare you for careers or further study towards your Bachelor's Degree at one of the many California State Universities (CSU), University of California (UC), or private or public colleges.

Hartnell's small class size, master instructors, and excellent computer facilities ensure that your educational experience satisfies your high expectations.

Salinas, California

Hartnell College is located in Salinas, California. Salinas is also known for being the birthplace of the famous American author, John Steinbeck.

Salinas is only 19 miles (30 kilometers) from the beautiful Monterey Peninsula and about 106 miles (140 Kilometers) south of San Francisco.

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Where is Salinas?

Salinas (population 151,060 based on US Census 2000) is located near the Central California Coast, 30 minutes drive from the Monterey Bay and a two hour drive by car to San Francisco. The campus is situated in a residential area of the city. Salinas enjoys a Mediterranean climate of mild winters and warm summers.

Educational Programs

Transfer Majors

If you plan to work towards your Baccalaureate Degree (BA), you can complete the first two years of your major through a transfer course of studies at Hartnell College. The Transfer Center helps you prepare to transfer to the CSU, UC, public or private university of your choice to complete your Bachelor's Degree. Hartnell's quality instruction and varied selection of courses has helped graduates do as well or better than students who attend a four-year college or university for their first two years of study.

Associate of Arts or Sciences Degrees

You can earn a Two-Year Associate degree by choosing a major that emphasizes Occupational Training, Liberal Arts, or various educational disciplines as well as completing required general education courses.

Certificate Programs

You can concentrate your studies on a specific occupational course to earn a certificate in your chosen field.

You can start planning for your Hartnell experience by contacting the Hartnell College International Student Center. The staff provides support for your educational and cultural adjustment to the United States and Hartnell College. They will assist you with locating housing. They will provide academic, educational, and personal counseling as well as assist you with immigration matters.

Please feel free to contact us at:


Tel: (831) 755-6829

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