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International Student Center

International student admission services are provided jointly by the Office of Student Services and Counseling and the Office of Admissions and Records. The International Student Advisor is available to assist international students with admission procedures and referrals for on-campus and community services. For specific information and/or an appointment, call or stop by the office of the International Student Advisor, located in the College Center Annex, Room 105, phone (1) (831) 755-6829, or contact the Office of Student Services and Counseling, located in the Classroom and Administration Building, Room C-151, phone (1) (831) 755-6820.

Travel Arrangements

It is possible for you to fly from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Monterey. The Monterey Airport is about 30 minutes from Salinas. You may also take an intercity bus from the San Francisco Airport to Salinas. Contact our office for more information, phone (1) (831) 755-6829, or email intlstud@hartnell.edu