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California Mini-Corps Program

Hartnell College is one of 20 colleges and universities which house a California Mini-Corps Program. This program provides training, experience, and support services to college students who are interested in becoming future Bilingual Educators. The student gains teaching experience by actually working at a school site, in this county, under the guidance and supervision of a Master Teacher and a Mini-Corps Coordinator.

This is a federally funded program which provides direct categorical services to Migrant Students. A class is given to train Mini-Corps students in better meeting the needs of migrant students.

Students enrolling in the program must be full time students; have a 2.0 or above GPA; have bilingual skills; and have knowledge of or come from a Migrant Family background.

The California Mini-Corps Program is located in the College Center Annex, Room 110. Office hours are posted on the door. Interested students may write, drop by, or phone 755-6927 for applications or further information.