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Auditing Classes

The Governing Board of Hartnell College has adopted a policy authorizing the auditing of course pursuant to Education Code 72252.3. The following regulations have been developed for course audit.
General Regulations
1. Auditors must be eligible for admission to the College as regularly enrolled students.

2. Students may audit a designated course only if they have previously taken the course and received a passing grade or must have repeated a performance, skill, or activity course three times, the maximum number permitted by state regulations.

3. Students enrolling for credit will have priority in all credit classes. Auditors are required to attend the first class meeting. However, auditors will only be permitted to register for the course at the conclusion of the add/drop period and on a space available bases, and not later than Friday of the second week of classes.

4. Faculty members instructing audit eligible courses have the right to refuse auditors.

5. No transcript of record will be maintained for audit classes.

6. No transfer from audit to credit status or the reverse will be permitted.

7. A non-refundable audit fee of $15.00 per unit will be payable at the tine of enrollment as an auditor.

8. Students enrolled in ten or more credit units will not be charged a fee for auditing three or fewer units per semester.

9. Regular material fees and/or course costs will be charged to auditors.

10. Auditors will be allowed to purchase parking permits.

11. Auditors will not be charged the regular Enrollment Fee which is paid for credit enrollment.

12. The non-resident tuition fee will not apply to auditors.

Auditing Procedures
1. A prospective auditor will bring the “Petition to Audit” form to the instructor after the conclusion of the add/drop period.

2. If the instructor approves, s/he signs the form.

3. The auditor then secures the signature of the Area Dean.

4. The auditor returns the completed petition to Admissions & Records.

5. The auditor pays a non-refundable audit fee of $15.00 per unit payable at the Cashier’s Office and will be charged for all instructional materials.

Rev. 11/24/02
Approved: Student Policy Review Committee 12/2/02 Student Policy
Student Senate Committee Approval 2/11/03
Academic Senate Committee Approval 2/24/03
College Council 3/3/03