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Step 1: Password Reset
Link to reset password:

Password guidelines: 
The minimum number of characters is 10 and they must come from at least TWO of the following four groups:
*Uppercase characters A-Z (Latin alphabet)
*Lowercase characters a-z (Latin alphabet)
* Digits 0-9
*Special characters (!, $, #, %, etc.)

Step 2: Enroll in single sign-on with DUO

Click the link to enroll in DUO (My Hartnell):

Enter in your Hartnell College Email and your newly created Password as in the video below.


If students require further assistance, Chromebooks are set up in the Panther Learning Lab, located on the 2nd floor of Building B. This added resource is available Monday through Friday (9 AM to 5 PM PST) to help students reset passwords, enroll in DUO, and register for classes when it is available, or when the student is eligible.

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