Hartnell College Student Semester Calendars and Deadlines

Hartnell College Final Exams are given during a regularly scheduled class meeting. There is no final exam week.

Who to Contact: Admissions and Records
Phone: (831) 755-6711 Fax: (831) 759-6014
Building: B - Student Services
Office: B-121


Hartnell College Academic Calendars

Hartnell College 2024-2025 Academic Calendar (rev June 6, 2023 for faculty professional development days)

Hartnell College 2023-2024 Academic Calendar (rev June 6, 2023; Lincoln's Day observed on February 16, 2024)

Hartnell College 2022-2023 Academic Calendar (revised January 10, 2023 to include holiday June 19, 2023)

SPRING 2023:  Note that on Saturday, April 1, 2023 all classes and services will operate as regularly scheduled.





Who To Contact

  • Cathryn Wilkinson, Ph.D.
    Vice President of Academic Affairs
    Phone: (831) 770-7092
    Building: D-College Administration (North)
    Office: 103
    D - College Administration (North)
  • Dina Hayashi
    Executive Assistant
    Phone: (831) 770-7091
    Building: D - College Administration (North)
    Office: 102
    D - College Administration (North)