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In case of Emergency

Syllabus Emergency Statement

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION:  In the event of a life threatening emergency call 911.

  • To report a non-life threatening incident, safety hazard, or a suspicious activity please contact campus security at 831-755-6888. From a campus line, simply dial 6888.
  • To obtain campus status information, call the campus safety and facilities emergency status bulletin telephone number: 831-796-6222. From a campus line, simply dial 6222.

Please visit Hartnell's emergency reporting link here:

Students: If you receive an emergency notification, please tell your instructor immediately.


During a campus emergency, you will generally be told to do one of two options, SHELTER IN PLACE or EVACUATE. When either of these are given, vehicle traffic coming onto campus will likely be turned away. Students are required to obey the directions of staff in a timely fashion.

EVACUATION: Please note the exit(s) in the room. In the event of an alarm or safety threat, uniformed Hartnell personnel equipped with two-way radios--including security, and maintenance staff--have up-to-date information; they also have the authority to order either shelter-in-place or immediate building evacuation. For evacuation, immediately heed their directions by proceeding calmly and quickly to an exterior assembly area as indicated by trained staff. Please stay back at least 200 feet from any building until the “all clear” command is issued.

SHELTER IN PLACE: In the event of a safety threat, instructors and staff will lock classroom doors and direct occupants to stay clear of windows. Occupants are requested to remain quiet.  During this time, DO NOT access any exits unless directed by first responders or staff. A shelter in place order is also used for severe environmental threats like a thunderstorm.


Run, Hide, Fight  (Links to an external site.) Active Shooter Response Information

Situational Awareness and Realization (Active Shooter Training & Readiness Video)

In the event of an Active Shooter Event, there are three things you need to know in order to survive: Run, Hide, Fight. Please review the video in the link:

If you see suspicious behavior on campus, please tell someone at our Campus Safety.


EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: The first 72 hours of a disaster are often the most difficult, but this period can be less stressful if everyone has extra supplies on hand. The college has a limited amount of emergency supplies, so students and staff should have on campus their own portable emergency kit including snacks, water, and prescription medication; this is especially important for those who may need to shelter on campus.

For more information go to

Students: If you have knowledge of an emergency on campus, share it immediately. If you see something suspicious or potentially hazardous, let someone know.