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Program Planning & Assessment
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Hartnell College CAB 209- 411 Central Salinas, CA
October 13, 2008 at 3:00PM

Dr. Kelly Locke, Chair
Dr. Kathleen Rose, Co-Chair

Barbara Durham, Kathleen Rose, Kathy Mendelsohn, Kelly Locke, Langston Johnson, Noe (student Senate)

no guests

Lourdes Sanchez


Agenda #1

Topic:Welcome and Introductions
Presenter:Kathleen Rose
Summary of Agenda Item:Noe (student senate) was introduce by Dr. Rose, then she continued with the presentation of the meeting and agenda. She mentioned that all members will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion of PPA Flex Day on October 17.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Topic:Review of Flex Day Activities
Presenter:Kathleen Rose
Summary of Agenda Item:A. Kathleen- Reminder was sent out
Kathleen- ACCJC-Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness, attachment.
B. Kelly- Diego will be here for presentation (morning only for all) reinforcement for all of us.
C. Kathleen- the purpose of Deigo’s presentation to faculty is to informed and present those absent in the last retreat the DBA presentation.
D. A discussion on how this have to attend or forced to attend this DBA presentation is not a good thing to do, and also, how by letting instructors to choose attend or not to attend this presentation will add credibility to the college.
E. A question on who can attend this DBA presentation was made by student senate representative and the answer was that anyone can come, this presentation was part of the retreat and all employees and student senate were invited. Kathleen also added a brief description on what is this DBA program.
F. Outline of the day- the schedule of Activities was planed and presented in this meeting. This schedule of Activities will be available at the entrance with a signing sheet and folder by department with the program information included and College Catalog. Kelly will be the person to inform the instructors about the Outline of the Day, Expectations and Outcomes of the meeting at the end of the Flex Day or Activities.
1) what is the assignment?
2) To whom to deliver,
3) The details of assignments?
4) Course level per semester/department
5) Calendar for course revision with SLO’s discussion on how tuckle these courses by date reviewed to add SLO’s and do revisions to all these course outlines
6) Create a new cycle, give directions on how many course or percentage should be bring to curriculum for revision
7) After the creation of this cycle, talk or discuss with instructors how realistic this task is.
G. SP 07, before this date all courses need to be review per semester in this calendar to have this task done. (03, 04, 05, 06, 07)
H. Kathy and Langston will have a list available for faculty to pick up the course outlines and dates that these course outlines will go to curriculum for revision.
I. A discussion continued on the expectation on how the faculty will organize themselves, either they will stay for Diego’s DBA presentation or they will start working in groups to work on program descriptions and outcomes, after Kelly gives them directions on what will be the results that the committee will look for at the end of the Flex Day Activities.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #3

Topic:Program Review Module Update
Presenter:Langston Johnson
Summary of Agenda Item:A. Which part come first Program Description or Outcomes?
B. The program Description is the one who will take less time to come up with and the program level outcomes will take the longest, people will have to think about it and their classes.
C. Discussion on how this program level outcomes should look like, what are the items that require less time to do then follow up on how long such and such should take to come up with deliverables.
D. A discussion on who is going to take a look of the outcomes and approve or reject them and who is the person that these instructors will ask clarification on items not clear.
E. An agreement of having three boxes to collect Program Descriptions, Calendar for Courses Level Assessments, Program Level Outcomes, Calendar for Course Revision with SLO’s.
Action(s) required: