Hispanic Serving Institution    

Hartnell College is proud to be formally designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) by the United States Department of Education.  With the designation, Hartnell College is eligible to compete for HSI grants through various federal programs such as Title V, Title III, National Science Foundation, and U.S. Department of Education.  The purpose of HSI grants is to strengthen the college's capacities by building equitable systems of teaching and student services that increase the academic success of all students.  Since 2000, Hartnell has been awarded numerous HSI grants totaling more than $30 million in funding.    


Current Grants  

HSI STEM Title III - "Guided Pathways to STEM (GPS)"

The Hartnell Guided Pathways to STEM (GPS) Project represents a comprehensive, systemic approach to improve access and opportunity in the STEM fields for Hispanic and low-income students. The project's activities support the achievement of three overarching goals:

            Goal 1:  Increase Access and Success in STEM for Hispanic and Low-Income                               Students.
            Goal 2:  Increase the Number of Hispanic and Low-Income Students                                           Attaining STEM degrees.
            Goal 3:  Develop Articulation and Transfer Agreements in STEM with Four-                                 Year Institutions.


 HSI Title V - "The Cultivamos Project"


The Cultivamos Project is intended to build institutional capacity to incrase the number of Hispanic and low-income students attaining postsecondary degrees and facilitate transfer along the entire pipeline.  The project's activities support the achievement of three overarching goals:  

Goal 1:  Expand dual enrollment and other alternative pathways that                             familiarize students in Hartnell's feeder schools with higher                               education opportunitites.
            Goal 2:  Regularly evaluate all academic programs and student services and                             determine how they will be improved to increase student retention                             rates.
            Goal 3:  Establish agreements between Hartnell College and 4-year                                             institutions that provide guaranteed transfer processes for students.
            Goal 4:  Provide continuous professional development using student                                         success data and the adoption of new learning systems and                                           methods to improve student learning and services outcomes.