ICC and Student Clubs


 Student Clubs and Organizations  provide opportunities for recreational activities, participation in community service, and exploring career and academic interests. All Hartnell Clubs and organizations are part of the Inter-Club Council (ICC). ICC meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 2:00pm in Room C101 in the Office of Student lIfe, unless otherwise notated.  All active clubs must have an ICC representative present at all ICC meetings. Contact the Office of Student Life for more information on how to start a new club or student organization. The Office of Student Life is located at the Student Center, Room C-140, or you may call the office at 831-755-6734



Student Clubs/Organizations 

Club Purpose
ALAS The mission of ALAS, a Hartnell College Club, is to familiarize students with the service, such as financial aide, scholarships, and counseling, that is community college affairs, and enable the students to access those services. In the manner, students will realize and take advantage of opportunities available to them in order to succeed and achieve their career goals.
Alliance for Black Thought  
Anime Club To spread the Anime and Japanese culture throughout the community.
Baile Folklorico Club To aggrandize, endorse and embrace the Mexican culture by perpetuation it's history through various Mexican folk dance.
Business Club To find students' path and explore opportunities within the business world while establishing a learning environment.
Cheer Club To spread school spirit throughout the campus and to encourage support for the Hartnell College sports teams.
Chemistry Club To promote the science and to spread awareness of careers in the chemisty field.
Christian Fellowship Club To know Jesus and to make Him known to those who so choose to follow. 
Communication Studies Club To help students practice their communication skills, become more social and become confident so that they may be prepared for their careers.
Computer Science Club To explore different areas of interest in computer science and create a social environment where students with our without experience can collaborate on events or activities in the pursuit of knowledge.
Daft Panther Robotics Club To design and build Robots, small projects we will work on this year will be a robot hand/arm, and next year we will design and build a ROV for national competition in May 2017.
Earth Science & Sustainable Tech Club To provide students with scientific understanding of the Earth Science Field and to promote sustainability practice throughout Hartnell College and our community. 
Gamers Club To expose the community to gaming, not just video games but board games, card games etc. We hope to connect the community by having interactive activities. 
Math Club To promote M.A.T.H. as a fun and interesting by using math games. 
Mecha Club  

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and;Provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming.
Physics Club To give the student a different perspective about science. Show students how intersting, fun and amazing physics is by doing demos and activities that encourage student to get interested in science. 
Pre-Law Club The Pre-Law club is dedicated to providing an intellectually stimulating environment for legal-minded students to discuss matters of law and ethics. The club aims to assist students interested in pursuing law education by providing information and resources related to law school admission and LSAT preparation, as well as networking and educational opportunities with individuals involved in the legal profession. 
Pride Club To reach out to the community and LGBT yout through events, as well as having a safe space for peope to be themselves.
Respiratory Care Club To inform the community on what is respiratory and what we do as well as doing smoking cessations to give them information on where to go and what to do if they want to quit smoking. As well as doing community service by teaching the Clinica De Salud faculty on the appropriate technique and skills on how to educate patients with certain medications such as inhalers, etc. 
SHPES/Engineering Club The mission of this club is to help students learn and understand science and engineering through events and activities.
SIMA Club The mission of this club is to provide assistance and networking opportunities for individuals interested in medicine and related careers.
SNA Club To provide unity among current and future students by promoting leadership, health and education of our community. 
Sociology Club To educate the student body and community about social ongoings occuring in our community. We give our members real world experience by attending conferences and panels in which social issues are discussed. Finally, helping our members reach their desired goals throughout participation. 
Speech Team The mission of the Hartnell Speech Team is to promote the art of public speaking through competitive forensics.



Theater Arts & Cinema Club The purpose fo TACC is to promote the theater arets and cinema program, and inspire members to learn from these disciplines in order to educate and inspire awareness to issues that exist within their communities.
Transfer Club To increase the amount of students transferring to UC, CSU and private universities.
TRiO The mission of this club is to assist the T.R.I.O Program and its members to succeed in their educational goals, in their extra-curricular goals and to help them to achieve an Associate’s Degree from Hartnell College.
Veterans Club The mission of this club is to engage students, faculty, and the local community and educate them on issues that plagued veterans.