The Sociology Department offers a wide range of courses that meet general education requirements and sociology major. Below is a listing of the sociology courses.



SOC-1. Introduction to Sociology (3)
Advisory: Eligibility for ENG-1A
All Terms
Lec 54 Hrs
Sociology is the scientific study of the relationship between the individual and society. Sociological concepts, theoretical approaches, and methods are examined. Topics include the analysis and explanation of social structure, group dynamics, socialization, inequality, social stratification, globalization, social change, demography and urbanization. Course objectives include the ability to make sociology relevant and applicable to students' everyday lives.


SOC-5. Introduction to Social Problems (3)
Advisory: Eligibility for ENG-1A; SOC-1
All Terms
Lec 54 Hrs
This course is a sociological analysis of social problems in the United States. It analyzes how sociologists understand, identify, and address social problems. Social problems include racism,sexism, poverty, crime, immigration, health, aging, family, education, the environment to urbanization. Examination and evaluation of sociological perspectives are applied to improve student's understanding of social problems. [CSU; UC; CSU-GE, AREA D, E; IGETC, AREA 4] [C-ID SOCI 115]

SOC-15. Sociology of Immigration and Identity in the
U.S. (3)
Advisory: SOC-1, SOC-42 and Eligibility for ENG-1A
Spring Only
Lec 54 Hrs
An introduction to the sociological study of immigration and settlement in the United States. Particular emphasis is given to the historical, social, economic, and political factors shaping migration, immigration, and transnationalism. Topics include acculturation, incorporation assimilation, inter-ethnic relations, identity pressures, stereotypes and discrimination, immigration
policy, struggles for equality, labor force participation unauthorized immigrants, and unaccompanied children. Special attention is given to how race, age, gender, class, and immigration status shape immigrants identities and experiences. [CSU; UC; CSU-GE, AREA D; IGETC, AREA 4]

SOC-20. Sociology of Gender and Society (3)
Advisory: SOC-1; Eligibility for ENG-1A
Lec 54 Hrs
A current and comprehensive sociological examination of masculinity and femininity as socially constructed from a macro-analysis of how institutions shape gender and micro-analysis of how individuals are socialized and "do"  gender in the United States. Topics to be discussed may include socialization, gender and globalization, gender stereotypes, institutions on gendered
experiences, women in leadership and social movements, gendered migration, and diaspora. An intersectional framework (gender, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, disability, immigration status) is utilized in understanding gender relations. Contemporary issues in society will be presented from a variety of theoretical perspectives.[CSU; UC; CSU-GE, AREA D] [C-ID SOCI 140]

SOC-30. Sociology of Latinxs in U.S. Society (3)
Advisory: SOC-1 or SOC-42 or SOC-15 and Eligibility for
Fall Only
Lec 54 Hrs
Introduces students to the sociological examination of Latinx in the United States-tracing their development from its historical inception to contemporary experiences. Topics to be examined include legacy of conquest, identity and ethnic and racial labeling, media, culture and artistic
expressions, gender and sexuality, racism, education, immigration, and family. Similarities and differences between Latinx are examined using an intersectional analysis of race, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, and immigration status. [CSU; UC; CSU-GE, AREA D; IGETC, AREA 4]

SOC-41. Marriage and the Family (3)
Spring Only
Lec 54 Hrs
Examines the family as a social institution with an emphasis on contemporary theory and research findings pertinent to family life. Topics include trends in family form, issues, problems, and functioning of the family in American society, as well as family organization in different ethnic, cultural, and historic settings. [CSU; UC; CSU-GE, AREA D, E; IGETC, AREA 4] [C-ID SOCI 130]

Sociology of Minority Relations (SOC 42)
SOC-42. The Sociology of Minority Relations (3)
Advisory: SOC-1; ENG-1A
Lec 54 Hrs
An examination of dominant minority group relations in the United States, with emphasis on contemporary America. The experiences of minority groups, including Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Native Americans, will be considered from various sociological perspectives. [CSU; UC CSU-GE, AREA D; IGETC, AREA 4] [C-ID SOCI 150]

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