The Physics program at Hartnell College offers course work for a diverse range of students from the community--starting with those merely wishing to learn more of the world around them and finishing with the student pursuing a four-year degree in science or engineering.

Physics courses are available at three different levels, all of which will satisfy the needs of students wishing to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The level of the physics course that students initially enroll in is largely dependent on their individual math skills.

For those with little math background,the first level Physics 10 would be appropriate. For students whose math background includes intermediate algegra and trigonometry, the second level Physics 2A,2B provides both lecture and laboratory experience in physics. This sequence is often required for those pursuing studies in medicine, biology, physical therapy, and related fields. The third level is a calculus based sequence Physics 4A,4B,4C with both lecture and laboratory, and is appropriate for those majoring in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and other physical sciences.

The emphasis at all levels is on developing an understanding and appreciation for the basic laws of our physical universe. This is done largely through the development of problem solving skills and laboratory investigations. The physics program at Hartnell College is forturnate to possess an excellent inventory of laboratory apparatus for demonstrations, student use in the laboratories, and special projects.

Summary of Physics Sequences offered at Hartnell College:

  • Physics 10--Introductory Physics--a one semester course for non-science majors.
  • Physics 2A,2B--General Physics--a sequence of two, semester courses for biology, physical therapy, and most pre-med majors
  • Physics 4A,4B,4C--Engineering Physics--a sequence of three, semester courses for engineering, physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and other physical science majors