Lisa Storm, Faculty, Academic Senate President, Co-Chair Academic Senate 755-6745 Permanent
Patricia Hsieh, Superintendent/President, Co-Chair  Administration 755-6900 Permanent
Cathryn Wilkinson, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Member Administration 770-7090 Permanent
Christine Svendsen, Faculty, H.C.F.A. President, Member Hartnell College Faculty Association 755-6851 Permanent
Rick Bennett, Vice President of Administrative Services (Interim), Member Administration 755-6995 Permanent
Romero Jalomo, Vice President of Student Affairs, Member Administration 755-6822 Permanent
Clint Cowden, Dean of Academic Affairs, Career and Technical Education/Workforce Development Administration 755-6965 June 2021
Mostafa Ghous, Dean of Academic Affairs, South County Education Services, Member Administration 386-7100 Permanent
Brian Lofman, Dean of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness, Member Administration 755-6809 Permanent
Jackie Cruz, Vice President of Advancement, Member  Administration 755-6810 June 2021
Herbert Cortez, Curriculum/Scheduling Specialist, C.S.E.A., President, Member C.S.E.A. 755-6717 Permanent
Vacant, C.S.E.A., Member C.S.E.A.   June 2021
Vacant, C.S.E.A., Member C.S.E.A.   June 2021
Vacant, C.S.E.A., Member C.S.E.A.   June 2021
Daniel Lopez, Faculty, Member Faculty  755-6708 June 2021
Emily Rustad, Faculty, Member Faculty 755-6850 June 2020
Mohammed Yahdi, Faculty, Member Faculty 755-6922 June 2020
Vacant, Faculty, Member Faculty   June 2021 
Vacant, Faculty Member Faculty    June 2021 
Carol Kimbrough, Part-time Faculty Member  Part-time Faculty  755-6905 June 2020 
Vacant, Member L-39 755-6950 June 2021
Montzerat Flores Martinez, Student Member Associated Students  759-6042 June 2020
Samantha Saldaña, Student Member  Associated Students 759-6042 June 2020