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Welcome to the Student Success Center at Hartnell College

Helping Students Meet Their Goals

The Student Success Center aligns with our Meta-Majors, which are a group of related academic programs offered at Hartnell College. Each Meta Major has a dedicated success specialist who partners with Hartnell College instructional faculty and counselors to help you get to your goal.

Our mission is to bridge the gaps between students' needs and the various campus resources, programs, and services our college provides to help students succeed.

The center serves our students with:

  • Bilingual staff (English and Spanish)
  • Professional development workshops
  • Enhancing your student and learning experience
  • Serving as a guide: we will answer immediate questions as you interact with Duo, Canvas and access to the student portal... and much more!
What is a Meta-Major?
Meta-Majors are collections of academic majors (degrees and certificates) within a career area that have related courses. Understanding your Meta-Major will help you choose a major and degree based on your interests, knowledge, skills and abilities. Identifying with a Meta-Major will also help you choose classes that relate to a specific degree -- achieving your academic goals as efficiently as possible. 
Click on the tabs below to access additional information about the five Meta-Majors at Hartnell College or contact one of our student success specialists for more information. You can find our staff on the left hand navigation titled (Student Success Specialists).

If you are looking for Career Technical Education (CTE) that offers state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technologies, taught by industry-leading instructors, with practical business and real-world programs in a dynamic environment that emphasizes YOUR learning style, then Hartnell College CTE is where you need to be. 

Programs in this Meta-Major include: Administration of Justice, Automotive Technology, Construction Management & Architecture, and more!

Arts & Languages form the basis of society, connecting us to one another. Whether it is advocating for others, writing creatively, exploring a foreign language, learning to give an effective public speech, mastering the nuances of photography, composing music or acting for the stage or screen, this Meta-Major prepares you for careers in education, performing and studio arts, film or language communication. Pursuing a career within Arts & Languages will teach you how to positively impact the world around you.

Programs in this Meta-Major include: English, Music, Spanish, Theatre Arts, and more!

By enrolling in a Health Sciences program, you can make a difference in others' health and well-being while promoting diversity, equity and accessibility across the lifespan. At Hartnell, careers are available to you in the health sciences related to emergency medical technology, kinesiology, nursing, public health and respiratory therapy. Graduates work in acute care and other environments based within communities or work independently to make a difference in others' health and wellness.

Programs in this Meta-Major include: Kinesiology, Nursing-Registered Nursing, Respiratory Care Practitioner, and more! 

Social & Behavioral Sciences programs study the institutions and functioning of human society, as well as social, cultural and human behavior to help address social issues and inequities. If these topics excite you, you enjoy critical thinking and developing the ability to defend your beliefs and values, you have an intellectual curiosity, and you understand the value of engaging with your community to improve quality of life, this is the right area for you! Graduates may be self-employed or employed by private businesses or the government.

Programs in this Meta-Major include: Early Childhood Education, Social Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and more!

Science, technology, engineering and math are omnipresent, and with increasing impact on building self-efficacy and contributing to the common good. In STEM, you turn problems into solutions, imagination into innovation and dreams into achievement. Your degree in STEM opens real opportunities for social, economic, intellectual and creative growth. Welcome to your STEM community!

Programs in this Meta-Major include: Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Physics and more!


Our Hours:
We are open Monday - Thursday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM & Fridays from 8AM-1PM.


Who To Contact

  • Student Success Center
    El Centro de Exelencia
    Phone: (831) 770-7060
    Building: Hartnell College Main Campus Building N, Room 4
    Office: Hours: M-Thr 8:30AM-5:30PM & Fri 8AM-1PM
    411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901


  • N - Merrill Hall

    N - Merrill Hall