Our services for students and employers continue to be available while we work remotely. We are available by email at CareerServices@hartnell.edu or over the phone or through zoom. 

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 Welcome to the Hartnell College Career Prep and Placement Services! 

 The Career Prep & Placement Services office is the central hub for career technical education internships and employment services at Hartnell College.

We are here to provide guidance and support that will help students to explore, know, and understand themselves and the world of work. Our services help students explore how their personal interests, values, abilities, personality, background, and circumstances help lead to a career.

Our office also houses Cooperative Work Experience Education Program. Cooperative work experience provides a bridge between the classroom and on-the-job training involving the student, faculty, college, and an employer. Students work in a job related to their career interest on a part-time basis while attending classes at Hartnell College. The program provides a gradual transition from formal instruction to career, allows students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to the practical world of work, and permits students the opportunity to test their interest in and suitability for the field of interest endeavor.

We also collaborate with business and industry leaders to ascertain their needs and opportunities. By partnering with us, employers have access to year-round pre-professionals who are eager to help their business flourish.

If you are a student or alumni and interested in an internship, employment, or career services please complete our student intake form. You will be contacted to set up a one-on-one appointment and given access to our current listings of opportunities. 

If you are interested in our Cooperative Work Experience Education program you can register for a current open section through PAWS or email us at CWE@hartnell.edu for additional information.

If you are an employer and would like to post an opportunity or discuss how we can partner please email CareerServices@hartnell.edu. We also have put together an Employer Quick Guide for Starting an Internship Program and a more in depth  Employer Guide for Starting an Internship Program for you to access at any time. Each guide refers to additional resources that can be requested from CareerServices@hartnell.edu


Soledad High School Career Show - Our interns, Ruby and Angelita, represented the department at Soledad High School Annual Career show.

2019 United Fresh Convention


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Who To Contact

  • Belen Gonzales
    Coordinator of Job and Internship Placement 
    Phone: 831-759-6066
    Building: Hartnell College Alisal Campus
    Office: AC-A111
    1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93905
  • Sharon Albert
    Assistant Dean of Career Technical Education & Workforce Development
    Phone: 831-755-6985
    Building: Hartnell College Alisal Campus
    Office: AC-A107
    1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93905