Image of Black Hole Cygnus X-1

There will be no planetarium shows after Friday, April 3rd 2020 until further notice!

For over 40 years the planetarium at Hartnell College has opened its doors to the public for regular evening shows. In continuing this tradition please check out either our Children's show or our Evening show. It has also hosted events celebrating Halley's Comet, the Voyager Missions, and the New Horizons Flyby of Pluto. To find out more about such special events please check out our special events page.

Some general rules when visiting the planetarium:

  1. Do not be late, this is a one man operation and I physically cannot run the show and let people in at the same time.
  2. No food or drink. Water is fine.
  3. Cell phones on silent and put away. Even on the dimmest setting, cell phones light up the whole room. Please respect other peoples visit, leave them in your pocket.
  4. No light up shoes. While they may be adorable, they also light up the whole room. If you do accidentally bring your young one in illuminated footwear, please simply take the shoes off for the duration of the show.

Children's Show

Childrens Shows

Families with young children, our Children's Show is just the ticket for you!

Evening Show

Evening Shows

For those too old to enjoy Big Bird, come visit us for our Evening Show

Special Events

Special Events

Interested in something else? Try our Special Events